Monday, 6 July 2015

Treats of the Week - Ugh

I dunno, guys.  It's not a great day.  It wasn't a great day before I found out the news that negotiations had broken down (fucking again) and that I'm strike probably forever at this rate.  I just don't quite feel like myself today, and I don't like being at that point.  But as I'm always reminded when things get to that point, this is why I do Treats.  It's nice that even on a shitty day you can look back and see all good things that have happened to you in the past week - there are always good things if you look.

  • Points to this company for their clever salad kit name.

  • This has felt like an oddly long week, what with the whole having a holiday shoved in the middle of it.  Canada Day was lovely - Vivian and I hung out on the couch all day reading and colouring and then ventured out for fireworks with friends later on.  It's so rare that we just spend an entire day at home!

  • I showed a coworker on the picket line how to use the step counter on her new phone - step counters definitely help to make the day go by!
  • We had a rainy day on the line last week too, and there was this dude on the line wearing the most amazing plaid cape I have ever seen.  Had I been ballsier I would have asked where he got it because it was all kinds of awesome.
  • Jenn and I had a lovely Friday evening of just doing whatever where we ended up on the Earl's patio for a little happy hour deal of dynamite rolls and mojitos.  It was lovely (especially when it was followed up by going to see Magic Mike XXL) and I always love how Earl's has rotating art on their menus.  Mine was by Kate Radomski, and I was tempted to steal it.

  • As stated, Jenn and I also checked out Magic Mike XXL and it was everything I could have hoped for - all killer, no filler.  The best part was as soon as the movie finished Jenn and I both busted out our phones because the interwebs needed to be notified of our opinion.  As we sat (in cushy new reclining chairs, no less) and did our updates we realized that the entire theater was now empty save for the two people on either side of us.  Apparently Jenn and I enjoyed the movie so much that we actually enhanced the experience for other people.  Seriously, the girl beside me said that the move was made even better because Jenn and I were laughing and reacting so strongly.  So there ya go, making the world a better place.
  • Thank jeebus for convenience stores who sell cheap sets of earbuds.
  • Street parties that involve setting off copious amounts of fireworks are always worth checking out.
  • There is a new Wonder Woman Barbie coming out for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that will be a SDCC exclusive and I definitely need a couple of them in the house for Vivian and I to play with!  Hopefully they're out of shelves sooner rather than later!
  • Jenn and I also had a random adventure day on Saturday to take advantage of the fact that we both had an entire day with nothing planned.  We wandered out to Port Stanley for the first part (highlights included a ship called "Ship for Brains", ice cream, and this photo that I loved) then we headed back to London for some thrifting and mall time before capping it all off with a little Ben Thanh.  We always seem to have the best days when we don't bother to plan anything and just go with the flow!

  • While thrifting I found what might be one of my top 10 thrifting finds of all time.  This giant dinosaur picture had me head over heels at first sight.  Jenn commented that I could hang it in the basement, but I'm leaning more towards putting it over my bed.  Jenn thinks I'm insane, I think she's jealous of my dinosaurs.

  • With Vivian being gone camping I even had time last night for a trip to the drive-in to see Terminator: Genisys (ugh) and Magic Mike XXL again.  The drive-in always makes for a lovely evening - even if the bugs were brutal!

I hope you guys have a good week - I wish dinosaur pictures for you all.

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