Monday, 20 July 2015

Treats of the Week - Roller Coasters

The other day I was explaining to a friend the emotional roller coaster that is a week on strike.  On Monday things are rough.  You're physically more drained because you haven't picketed for a couple of days.  Emotionally things are hard because you've had to hit that mental reset button and resigned yourself to the fact that you are on strike for yet another week.  Tuesdays are cheque day, so there's a little something to look forward to.  Wednesday is when the walls start to close in and you become convinced that things will never change.  You'll be on strike forever.  This is your life now.  On Thursdays things start to take a weird turn and you get oddly hopeful - maybe things will be magically resolved over the weekend.  You start to speculate about what next Monday will be like if you're back at work.  Fridays close the week out with some optimism - maybe that's your last shift.  Or at the very least, it's the weekend.

This week was a little different.  On Sunday the news came down that there was an actual tentative agreement.  There's been enough progress that the union is ready to show us the offer and allow us to vote.  The vote comes on Wednesday, so now there's a whole new range of emotions.  Will the offer be worthwhile?  Will people vote for it?  Will council ratify it?  When would we potentially go back to work?  And the scariest question of all: what awaits us when we do go back to work?

Yes, my friends.  It's an endless series of ups and downs.  Such is life, right?  On with the treats.

  • I did spend a couple of days away from picketing because of Vivian's swimming lessons.  It worked out well though, since not only did I get to enjoy working outside, but I also got enough typing done in two days that my invoices totalled over two weeks' worth of strike pay.  

  • My sweet friend Karen offered to stop by with an iced coffee this week since she was in the downtown area and was hoping to catch me on picket duty.  Unfortunately I was already home and couldn't take her up on the offer, but it was much appreciated.
  • I can't seem to stop myself from ordering from Hello Holiday.  My newest purchase was this adorable planner and set of pens.  I mean, how could I not?  I'm going to be super organized now.

  • I watched 7 Days in Hell this week and thought it was hilarious.  It just seemed like such a fun and bizarre project.  I especially enjoyed it after reading this interesting article.
  • If you've had the misfortune of spending any degree of time with me, you've probably heard me talking about my love of GOMI.  It's my not so deep and dark secret.  Anyway, once a month the administrator, PartyPants, posts her number on Instagram and invites us to call or text her.  This would be part of what I love about GOMI, even though it's a snark site, it's a really fun community.  Anyway, she posted her number and I fired off a text just for the hell of it.  Wouldn't you know it that that was the 10 minutes of the day when I put my phone down so I could tuck Vivian into bed and SHE CALLED ME.  I missed a call from PartyPants, the High Hamlord (I swear, that makes sense in the forums).  I couldn't believe that I had missed her call.  Next time.  Next time.
  • Pizza and beer in my bed?  Always the best option..

  • Today set my new record for distance walked while picketing - 21.5 kilometers in a four hour shift.
  • Got my first swim in at the lake for the year, and some selfies in with Vivian.

  • Shag (Josh Agle) is one of my favourite artists - I just want to live in the world he creates.  I especially loved this Batman piece he posted on Instagram the other day.  (Also, you would not believe how many screencaps I take from Instagram.  It's a sickness.)

  • In further Instagram screencap news, my brother Matt got the world's greatest tattoo - this shrine to Sweet Chili Heat Doritos.  He's seriously the funniest person I know - he says his goal is to have all tattoos that he will regret.  I'm not joking when I say that I want him to pick out something that we can get done as matching tattoos.

We'll see what this week brings, friends.  Who knows, I might just be back to being Madam Clerk next week!

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