Monday, 27 July 2015

Treats of the Week - Like the first day of school

Today was my first day back to work after that long strike.  It was a weird day - kind of like the first day of school.  A mix of excitement and nerves and uncertainty.  All in all, things went pretty well.  I'm really just looking forward to getting back into a routine before I actually go back to school next month (more on that part later in the week after my orientation session).  As always, there have been lots of treats along the way.

  • Vivian has been having quite the summer so far - she even got in a horseback riding lesson!  She was so good with the horse and really seemed to enjoy herself.  There's just not enough time for all of this kid's hobbies.

  • I may have gotten a little click happy while ordering some prints from the street artist, Morley.  I love his messages and how open he is - almost an anti-Banksy.  Can't wait to get those prints in the mail!
  • I treated myself to a "Hey you don't have to picket anymore" manicure/pedicure at my favourite spa.  It was an hour and a half of heaven, worth every single penny.
  • I had quite the movie week - I saw Trainwreck (twice), Ant-Man (for the second time), Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Southpaw, and Evil Dead 2 (for the very first time!).  So far this week only has one movie lined up, but it is a long weekend so who knows, there might even be a triple feature at the drive-in in my future!
  • I am really digging these digital manipulations by Eva Stenram.  Pro tip - follow artists on Instagram, there's always something new and exciting popping up.

  • Amanda and I took the kids to Greenview Aviaries this week.  It was a perfect day for it - the weather wasn't too hot, and all the kids did really well.  Any daytrip where the parents don't lose their minds by the end of it is a success.

  • I am loving the Talbot Street Bridge Twitter feed - especially their rivalry with the Blackfriars Bridge.
  • You know how when you're pumping gas it's nice to stop at an even number?  So after it clicks that the tank is full you just top it up so it's a nice, round number?  The other day I was pumping my gas and it clicked as full at exactly $48.  I was beyond thrilled.
  • So while going through the McDonald's drive-thru for a little McFlurry action I had the most overly enthusiastic server.  He said "Thank you" then I said "Thank you" then he one-upped me with a "No, thank YOU".  It was bizarre and hilarious.
  • Vivian started swimming lessons tonight and it was so hot out that we both hung out for a swim afterwards until 7:30.  With the heat wave that we're expecting this week it just might be a regular occurrence.
  • My cousin Adam is currently biking from Toronto to Montreal as a fundraiser for People With AIDS.  I'm so proud of him, it's pretty incredible!  If you're interested in sponsoring him, you can find the information here.
  • I got told a bunch of times today that I was looking awfully pretty.  I think it was mostly because either it was people who haven't really seen me in a couple of months because of the strike (and are therefore not familiar with my blonde hair and killer tan) or they have seen me looking like hell on the picket line for the last eight weeks.  Whatever it was, I'll take a compliment wherever I can take it.  And why else do we have cellphones if not to take a selfie when people tell you you're looking fine?

Boom.  That's me back at work.  Yay desk!

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