Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Keeper of the Things

Sometimes I get sentimental about the things I find while thrifting.  I've said before how I love thrifting because I love when things have a story.  I like thinking about who owned the items before me, where they've been and how they were used.  Sometimes I'm just drawn to certain pieces, like they're supposed to be mine because no one will love them quite like I will.  It's sappy, and probably stems from watching too many Disney movies with anthropomorphic animals and furniture or something.  In any event, sometimes I just feel like something is mine and it's just waiting for me.

On a recent thrifting outing with Jenn I was perusing the art section.  I always keep my eye out for interesting art pieces, especially ones that might fit in well with my Canadiana or London walls.  Initially I came across a large photo of what I thought at first might have been Toronto's Old City Hall, but quickly realized it was Big Ben.  I liked it well enough, but set it back down.  Further down on the shelf I found this image of London, England.

I loved the energy of the street scene, the vintage cars and Big Benn and a double decker bus in the background.  I also noted that the frame and matting was the same as the picture of just Big Ben, so I assumed they belonged together.  I held onto this one and kept checking out the section.

Next I came cross this one - leading Jenn and I to both exclaim, "Hey it's Western!"

Once again, a closer look proved us both wrong.  And a quick bit of Googling later told me that this is actually the London National Theatre.  I do have a soft spot for Brutalist architecture, and I liked the story of how Jenn and I both mistook it for Western, so I grabbed it as well.

As I kept looking over the section I realized there were actually five of these large photos that all seemed to belong together.  They had the same frames, and the same matting.  I imagined that they were all from some amateur photographer who took the time to lovingly enlarge and frame their favourite photos from some of their vacations.  Most of them seemed to be from this trip to London, England, while another was from Marineland and yet another that appeared to be an aerial shot of Epcot.  I considered buying all of them to keep them together as a set, but they're pretty large and I wasn't as drawn to the other images as I was to these two.  Something about the pair of them just gave me that nudge, that they belonged with me.  Even though I don't know who took them or when or under what circumstances, and even though I've never been to London, England myself, I just felt like they were mine already.

So to that mystery photographer, whoever they are, don't worry.  Your art is being appreciated and lovingly kept.

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