Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Canada Day Canadiana Update

Happy Canada Day, guys!  Hope you're all enjoying the day with some combination of beer, poutine, and Nanaimo bars!  I figured today was as good a day as any to show a couple of new items I've added to my beloved Wall O' Canadiana!

I found this little plaque of Jasper at Value Village a couple of weeks ago.  I've never been there, but that didn't stop me from hanging it on my wall!

I also found this little commemorative plate of the "New" City Hall in Toronto.  I love the building, so I was immediately drawn to the plate but then I noticed something on the back that really pushed me over the edge.  On the back of the plate there's a couple of little holes drilled through the lip with a small pink string running through it for hanging.  Nothing too unusual about that, except for the fact that I have another plate from Quebec that has the exact same hanging rig on the back!  I can only assume that they've both come from the same house, and it makes me so happy that they're together again!  It's kind of crazy since I found them months apart.  I'll be keeping my eye out for more!

I threw a bunch of my postcards into a frame to fill in the one corner of the room - now I have both the Old and New Toronto City Halls on display!

I've had this pillow case for awhile, but hadn't done anything with it.  I don't know if hanging it from binder clips and thumbtacks actually counts as "doing something with it", but that's what I've done.  Sure it would be better suited on an actual pillow, but I'll get around to that at some point.

And here's the whole corner.  Obviously I didn't try to clean anything up before taking the picture.

I know that this little collection isn't for everyone - it's definitely a bit of a strange and acquired taste!  But it makes me so happy finding little bits of ephemera and keepsakes that other people have no use for and displaying them proudly.  O Canada, indeed!

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Jenn said...

Weird ephemera and strange keepsakes are what keeps things interesting! I have hundreds of knick-knacks that people would see as junk.

Also, I also posted as Jeux on another comment but I'm the same person! I came across your blog actually about a year ago when I typed in Brydges Street Market into Google and this time around I decided to comment.