Monday, 1 June 2015

Treats of the Week - Things

Still on strike, and it's still the worst.  It doesn't look like anything is changing any time soon either.  On the bright side, I scored myself a sweet new picket sign on the line today, so yeah.  Things are looking up.

In other news...

  • The picket line is made marginally better by listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.  If you're looking to really dig into a podcast, this is a great one.  I'm listening to his six-part series "Blueprint to Armageddon".  If you want to try out something smaller, start with "Prophets of Doom".
  • Mom had carpal tunnel surgery on one of her wrists on Thursday, and I'm so pleased that it went well - especially since I'll probably have to have the same surgery at some point.  I was worried she would be out of commission with it, but she seems to be doing really well.
  • I had pre-ordered the new Chuck Palahniuk book, "Make Something Up" a couple of weeks ago, so it was a nice little present to myself when it arrived in the mail this week.  Even better - it arrived the day that the first issue of Fight Club 2 was released.  It's quite the Palahniuk-fest around here.

  • In other book news, I was browsing on Amazon today (I don't know why because I have no money because strike) and saw that Mark Z. Danielewski has a new book which was just released on May 12th.  Not only is it a new book, but it's Volume 1 of a series of 27!!!  If you've never read any MZD, you should give it a shot.  His writing is like nothing else - it's a challenging, all-encompassing experience.  I can't imagine what he has in store for 27 volumes.
  • So I've decided that there needs to be a gender-swapped version of Death Becomes Her.  I'll be shopping this idea around Hollywood and will probably be rich and famous soon, so it's been nice knowing you all.

  • There was a bit of a shindig on Saturday night, and it was exactly what I needed.  Cool people, sombreros, and far too many beverages.
  • I went for dinner on Friday to Olive R. Twists in London.  Not only did I appreciate the clever title, but I also appreciated the double pickle spears with my sandwich.

  • I told my mom that the union was having a rally on Friday, to which she immediately responded with, "A wowwie?"  In case you ever wondered where I get my habit of randomly quoting movies.

  • I saw this vehicle the other day and was amused and impressed with their use of those ubiquitous and often obnoxious stick figure family stickers.

  • Hello Holiday have been sold out of their Babe-o-Saurus clutch for what seems like ages.  I've been patiently stalking the site waiting for them to restock, so when I saw this post on Instagram that they had ONE in stock, I was all up in it.  Strike be damned, I'm getting a purse shaped like a dinosaur because I'm an ADULT. 

I'll be on the picket line at my work, 824 Dundas Street, every day this week from 8am-12pm so if you're in the area, come by and say hi!  It really helps to pass the time.  You don't even have to bring me a coffee, but it would be a whole lot cooler if you did.

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n/a said...

Never let adulthood get in the way of the dream of owning dinosaur-related clothing.

The picket line looked mighty impressive from The Aeolian box office this morning; keep it up!