Monday, 29 June 2015

Treats of the Week - Not Great, Bob!

So yeah.  Here we are - week six of the strike.  There's not much happening that's positive - no new negotiations at this point after talks came to a conclusion on the weekend.  It's...frustrating, to say the least.  I'm thinking about writing more about the strike later this week, but I'm not sure how much of my thoughts I want out there.  In any event, my general reaction to everything strike related can be summed up in this gif.

Oh, Pete.  One of my favourite moments of yours.  Don't ever change.

But let us not wallow in self pity and picket duty!  Let's marvel at this week's treats, shall we?  Onward, friends.

  • I've been slowly catching up on my backlog of tv shows - this week I finally ploughed through Gotham.  While it almost lost me in the middle, I thought the last four or five episodes were strong enough to lure me back for a second season.  Now I just need to finish up Daredevil and then I'm ready to move on to Arrow!
  • I actually got to pretend that I'm a real grown up this week since I had a French court scheduled for Brantford.  Holy crap, you guys.  I was so excited.  I got to put on a dress and heels and makeup and be in a courtroom again!  It was awesome - I even took full advantage of my lovely day by doing a little mall wandering and trying on some clothes since it felt so nice to be out and about and not be a sweaty disgusting mess from picketing.  It was so nice that I took pictures in the fitting room at Maurices, just for the blog.  Yay for summery plaid dresses!  (Also I bought that black top hanging beside me)

  • It was so wonderful to see the US get on board with marriage for everyone this week - and especially nice to see how celebrated the decision was.  Not to brag or anything, Canada has already been cool with it for a decade, but good job catching up, 'Murica.
  • Jenn and I got ourselves some tickets to go see Kevin Smith in Windsor this August and I could not be more excited!  I've been wanting to see one of his "An Evening With" shows for ages and I'm so glad that I get to do it as a little summer roadtrip with my hetero lifemate!
  • There was a guy on the picket line today who was wearing a shirt that said "Gongshow" and it made me supremely happy since that about sums up the whole strike experience.
  • I got to go swimming this week - always a plus.
  • Mom, Courtney and I took the kids to Glass in Motion in Grand Bend on Sunday where the kids got to make their own suncatchers out of coloured glass.  It was a really fun process and the kids just loved it - perfect rainy day activity!

  • A rainy Saturday made for the perfect day to have a games night!  It's always good weather for Catan and Cards Against Humanity!  Plus the Adultrivia game I got at a yard sale for a quarter proved to be quite entertaining!
  • Starbucks shaken black tea and lemonade with a peach flavour shot help get me through a picketing shift - even when they spell my name wrong on the cup.

  • Big Brother is back!  My guiltiest of guilty summer pleasures!
  • I had a whole Saturday daytime with nothing to do.  I should have cleaned the house, but I did manage to get a bit of work done on transcripts and mostly just enjoyed puttering around in my pajamas for most of the day.  It's always such a luxury for me to just be alone in the house in the daytime!
  • I treated myself to a new picketing bag this week.  Since it looks like we're not going to be back to work any time soon I decided I needed to upgrade my standard tote bag.  It's a pain just having something over my shoulder while I walk, so I wanted a nice casual crossbody bag.  I got this one through Chapters/Indigo and I love it!  It's roomy, but not bulky, and perfectly casual.  And I got it just in time for Canada Day this week!

Enjoy the weird week this week, guys!  Having the holiday fall on a Wednesday definitely makes things interesting - and no doubt very unproductive on Thursday and Friday!

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