Monday, 8 June 2015

Treats of the Week - Festival Season

Anyone familiar with London knows that it's a city with an odd fascination with patios and festivals.  The summery weather means that both have been in full swing, and there's basically a different festival every weekend from now until the end of the summer.  This weekend saw us taking advantage of lots of those awesome things!

Yes, I'm going to choose to ignore strike stuff this week.

  • We hit up the eagerly anticipated Forest City Flea yesterday and it was a great time!  I didn't walk away with too many treasures, but it was awesome to see so many of my favourite shops out with so many people in attendance!  

  • This kid had a great time - even if I had to tell her to stop touching things constantly.

  • All of the nice weather coupled with some big car shows in the area have meant that pretty cars have been all over the place!  I saw that black Lamborghini again (I have to assume it's the same one and that there aren't two prowling around the London area) and I saw two Teslas in one day.  Yes, I pay attention to these things.
  • I also saw London traffic stop to allow some turkeys to cross the street on Wonderland Road.  As you do.
  • Vivian and Blair got some ridiculous bathing caps from my mom.  It was worth it just for the picture.

  • After a very busy week I had one of those evenings on Saturday where I crashed out on the couch at around 9pm and slept through until 9am.  It was glorious and necessary.
  • I FINALLY got to try the Goodah Gastrotruck at the Forest City Flea.  I do love me a fancy grilled cheese!

  • Vivian graced me with this original work of art on my hand.  It's a cat, possibly one who suffered through some genetic modifications judging by the amount of legs it seems to have.  Maybe she has a future as a tattoo artist?

  • I hit up an awesome yard sale on Saturday - it was pretty stacked.  It was hosted by Kim, who had previously owned Lovesick in London.  By the time I got there, she was already knocking things down to 50% off and I cleaned up!  I got this lovely yellow vintage Samsonite suitcase (now housing Vivian's dressup clothes while the old blue suitcase is now holding her doll clothes)...

  • I got these two big frames, two vintage aprons, three purses, wall organizer, Hawaiian platter, and Adultrivia game.  Total spent?  $13.

  • Jeff Goldblum is my new wallpaper on my phone.  He's always a good choice.

  • Vivian brought home a pretty deep library book this week - The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth, based on a story by Leo Tolstoy.  It was a beautiful story, and I really enjoyed the art.  I love how children's stories are able to break down complicated messages into concise, simple statements.

  • My Totes MaGoats finally arrived!  It's been put to good use on the picket line - dammit, I mentioned the strike!

  • It's also been quite the week for North Lambton Secondary School alumni!  Not only did I meet up with a former Eagle for some dinner, but I was also recognized on the picket line by another!  It's funny the way things work!
Have a great week, guys!  Hope you have lots of treats!

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