Monday, 15 June 2015

Treats of the Week - Days and Nuits

It's been kind of a rough week in Strikeville, sports fans.  Terrible rains on Monday, negotiations that failed spectacularly on Tuesday, members of another union crossing our picket line on Wednesday, shift changes...yeah, it's been a week.  Trying my best not to wallow though - keep my eyes on the prize and treats in my weeks.

  • I did get to check out a couple of movies this week - San Andreas (in D-Box seats, no less!) and Love & Mercy.  Two very different movies - but I really enjoyed both of them!  
  • I was supposed to work a French court in Goderich on Tuesday, but was cancelled at the last minute.  I was pretty disappointed - not only because of the lost money, but I was really looking forward to having a day where I could dress up and pretend that I had a job again.  That same day I got an email from Brantford court asking if I would be interested in typing some transcripts for them though - a very nice chance to bounce back!
  • I went and checked out Nuit Blanche in London for the first time on Saturday.  While I heard that it wasn't as impressive as other years, I really enjoyed it!  It was nice to just wander around downtown on a warm evening and check out the artsy-fartsy stuff the city had to offer, even though I missed my chance to visit the grilled cheese truck.  My favourite part were these large 8-bit works - I've always wanted a giant 8-bit Mario on my wall!

  • It was also Blair's 5th birthday party on Saturday - my sweet little pixie of a niece had a mermaid-themed party.

  • Orange is the New Black has come back for its third season, and even though I'm failing miserably at marathoning it (I'm only on the 5th episode) I'm really enjoying it!  Maybe it will be worthwhile to stretch it out.
  • And advantage to being on strike?  Getting adorable custom cartoons drawn of yourself.

  • I managed to get my hair done today thanks to my mom participating in a colour class.  My head is now looking significantly better than it was this day when I was caught in the rain while picketing.

  • Stumbling upon this section of clearance office supplies at the Superstore was definitely a treat of my week.  I loaded up on pens and markers and dividers - you can't beat getting a pack of 12 pens for 14 cents!

  • I finally received my Jeff Goldblum t-shirt and my dinosaur purse and they're pretty much the cutest things ever.  I wore the shirt out on Saturday to Nuit Blanche and got a lot of comments on it (obviously).  My favourite exchange was late on Saturday evening while waiting for my burrito.  I noticed this dude looking at my shirt, and I knew he was trying to figure out who was on it.  Finally he came up and asked, "Is that Jeff Goldblum on your shirt?"  When I said yes, he clapped insanely loudly (both his girlfriend and I jumped) and yelled, "I KNEW IT!"  When his poor confused girlfriend asked, "Who?"  his obvious reply was, "That's Jeff Goldblum looking sexy as fuck!"  It was hilarious and amazing and I expect all exchanges while I wear this shirt to go in a similar fashion.

  • The owner of this car seems like a real class act.

Fingers crossed for some better work/strike treats this week, guys!  

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