Monday, 22 June 2015

Treats of the Week - Choosing Kindness

This is the start of week 5 of the strike, which is officially longer than I was anticipating.  I dunno guys, it's rough out there.  I'm trying to stay positive though - and had a very treat-filled week to help keep me going!

  • Vivian had a field trip this week and a friend of mine was one of the parent chaperones.  She messaged me later asking about Vivian's lunch.  I had sent what has become our standard - a cut up hot dog with a little container of ketchup for dipping, along with various snacks and fruit.  She was so relieved to see that someone else sent their kid to school with just a hot dog instead of some elaborate meal.  That's me, lowering the bar for everyone.
  • I had a great day on the picket line on Friday thanks to visits from three lovely friends.  Jenn and I even got some Stobie's in the park on my break - definitely a great way to start the weekend!

  • The McLobster is one of my great loves.  I mean, I love me some McDonalds in general, but the McLobster holds a special place for me.  I love lobster rolls, and while this one can't quite hold a candle to the ones I've had in New England, it's pretty damned tasty.  Plus I'm a sucker for the whole "limited time only" thing.

  • I got my hair done on Monday thanks to a colour class that my mom was participating in.  I love my new hair - it's much blonder than I typically go, but it works now that I'm all tanned.  My favourite part was walking into the shop and having the woman at the counter immediately recognize me - "You must be Tanya's daughter.  You look and sound just like her!"  

  • It was the dance recital on Saturday for Vivian, Blair and Lucas.  The kids did an amazing job - I'm always blown away by the talent at their recital.  I also managed to get myself roped in as MC for the event, so it was quite the chaotic day.  Between Vivian being in three routines, me dancing in two routines with the other moms (yeah, I got roped into that as well) and handling MC duties it made for quite the long day.  I got exactly zero pictures and videos, but I got to hang out backstage and hug Vivian the second she finished dancing and was told so many times that I did a great job - definitely a good day.

  • I've been posted at City Hall for the past week, and while it has its drawbacks, it also has its benefits.  I've especially enjoyed the walk to City Hall (I park a few blocks away to avoid meters) and being able to check out all the nice houses.  I love that Old North area, and it's so nice to see the houses up close.  I've even been going out of my way on my drive home to check out some of the smaller sidestreets just to see what I can see.
  • I got around to seeing Jurassic World this week, and while it can never come close to the original (Jurassic Park has to be in my top 10 movies of all time) I thought it was pretty fun.  I would say it's exactly what Jurassic Park would have been had it been made today - just a little overblown, and too much product placement.
  • I also got to see Jaws on the big screen for the first time - love that Hyland Cinema!
  • All of Vivian's artwork for the year came home today (and 90% of it went right into the recycling bin) but I loved seeing this composite picture of all the kids and what they want to be when they grow up.  I wasn't sure what Vivian's answer would be, and when I located her on the sheet I was so excited - I must be doing something right.

  • I was pleased to see these little bits of street art stuck to some light standards near City Hall.  Nothing mind blowing, but it made me smile nonetheless, especially on a hot day on the picket line.

  • It was also a great day for treats on the line - Kiwi Kraze dropped off frozen yogurt three times, and that adorable little Starbucks boy was sent over on Friday with some iced tea.  When we asked what he brought he announced, "I don't know, I just finished my WHMIS training, I don't even know how to work this thing."  Luckily for us he managed to figure out the carafe.

Choose to be kind, guys.  Whether it's just being there and visiting a friend or offering a drink or a helping hand.

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