Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Dollhouse

My mom was talking about it just the other day.

"You kids are just all so stubborn.  I don't know where you get it from.  You just all have that impulsive thing where you get an idea in your head and there's no telling you otherwise.  You make up your mind that you want something and you just do it.  It's annoying."

It's true.  I'm stubborn, and often impulsive.  It can work to my benefit, or my detriment.  Such is life.  The latest in my series of impulsive ideas?  Well it starts out where all the best ideas begin - the Internet.

See, it all started with this feature of a time capsule home from Toronto on Retro Renovation.  It's no secret that I love midcentury modern design, and this home is stunning.  What really caught my eye was this shot though - a perfect little vintage midcentury dollhouse.

I loved it, immediately.  I couldn't get it out of my mind and resolved to keep an eye out at antique shops for one similar.

Then Retro Renovation did it again when they began a series on the same dollhouse.  Turns out it's from a vintage Betsy McCall Do-It-Yourself Dollhouse pattern.  They acquired a pattern and set about making their own.  I loved the series - they put so much effort and work into every little detail, and somehow made it seem like something I could manage...

By the time Mother's Day weekend rolled around and we stumbled into an adorable little dollhouse shop in Grand Bend, I was pretty sold that I obviously had to break ground on my own miniature midcentury marvel.  Because if I can't have the real thing, why not make myself insane trying to build a miniature version of it?

So I did some Googling and before I knew it I had PayPalled my way into ordering my own vintage pattern.  It's just a photocopy of an original pattern, and the photocopies weren't done on large enough sheets so there was a substantial amount of taping together of things.  Basically I'm already completely overwhelmed and will no doubt end up in tears over the stupid dollhouse.

What have I done with my life?

So yeah.  We will see how this pans out.  I desperately want this dollhouse, but I'm also notoriously bad at following instructions and measuring and taking my time at doing things.  Impulsive and impatient makes for a wonderful combination.

As luck would have it, I came across this vintage tin dollhouse last weekend and was seriously tempted to just buy it and call it a day, but I resisted!

Resisted for now, at least.  I might be singing another tune before too long.

Anybody want to help?

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