Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Strathroy Antique Mall Wandering

Summertime means lots of wandering for me - I did a tour through the Strathroy Antique Mall the other day, and even though I didn't buy anything I took lots of pictures for you guys!

I already mentioned this vintage tin dollhouse - I'm still thinking about going back for it, it was $45 if I remember correctly.

I have a fondness for Pepsi memorabilia, if only because Coke stuff is so pervasive.  This old fountain machine was pretty awesome - although I'm not sure how functional it would be and it's quite a gamble at $295.

I loved this vintage view of London, but couldn't find a price on it.

Ooh, hello little vintage mailboxes.  You should come home with me, but you were $595 so probably not.

I do love a flamingo, even though they're pretty trendy right now.  I really wanted one of these flamingo things but they were all so pricey for what they were.  The print was $49, which isn't terrible but the colours were too washed out for me.  

Then these little guys were $19 each and I thought they were a little meh for that.

This was pretty exciting - I'd never come across some real Catherineholm cookware and was seriously tempted by this bad boy, but at $79 I couldn't do it.

Now you guys know how I feel about vintage crates, but I had never seen a vintage banana crate before.  This thing was massive - hopefully you can get a sense of scale from the items in front of it.  It looked like it was in really good condition too.  It was $249 though, and I hadn't a clue as to what I might do with it.

Ah the pulldown map.  This was in pretty great condition - and as luck would have it I saw another one just like this at the Forest City Flea.  This one was $95.

I know, again with the crates.  But an explosives case?  Much cooler than my apple crates.  $49 for this one - just for reference, I got 30 of my apple crates for $100.

I know I've taken a picture of this before, but I just can't resist anything that features that Middlesex Courthouse.  Although, now that I look at it, that flagpole seems oddly tall.  I think this one was like $150.

How adorable is this little case?  It has sleeves for the records inside and I just love the graphic on it.  $15 for this, but no idea what I would do with it.  I suppose you could tear out the dividers and use it as a purse if you didn't want to store records in it.

I loved these nursery rhyme prints - they were just so charming and colourful.  They were $20 each, which isn't bad at all, but just not something I could justify for my own amusement.

Full disclosure - I've never been to Mother's Pizza, but I know that people go crazy for it so this crate amused me.  $25 would make it yours.

I was sad that I didn't leave with any new treasures, but sometimes it's just as much fun to take pictures to share with you guys.  Lots of time left this summer for treasure hunting!

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