Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Outfit of the Day - Office Iron Man

Hey, remember how I used to have a job?  And I got dressed like a grown-up for that job?  Except for the days when I didn't want to look like a grown-up so I would wear some superhero shirt and throw a cardigan over it and pretend that that made me look like a grownup?  Well I found some old pictures from one such outfit!

So, this was the special tank top that I got for Free Comic Book Day/to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I'm a DC girl through and through, but I wanted something Marvel for that event.  The top is from Her Universe, but I actually got it on Amazon to save on shipping.  I was expecting it to be a little looser, but it still works.

I stuck with my rule that you can dress down a top for work as long as the rest is office appropriate, so a cardigan and skinny black jeans it was!  I went with my gold sandals instead of ballet flats or heels though, because it seemed more Iron Man appropriate.

I wasn't in court that day either, so I felt okay about being a little more dressed down.  Plus, a cardigan makes everything okay.

Top - Her Universe
Cardigan - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Sandals - Target

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