Monday, 11 May 2015

Treats of the Week - Nachos and Patios

Is anyone else finding it a little disconcerting to see magnolia trees in bloom with 30+ degree days?  She's been hot out there, friends.  I'm not complaining though - I would cut my grass 10 times before I would go back to shovelling.  Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day and were nice to your mommas.  On to the treats!

  • Mindy Kaling released the cover of her new book - Why Not Me? - set to be released in September.  Can't wait!  It definitely helped to soften the blow about the cancellation of The Mindy Project (come on, Hulu, save it!)

  • In other book news - Gemma Correll has a new book coming out, The Worrier's Guide to Life.  I basically need it immediately.
  • All of this lovely weather has meant some perfect patio conditions.  London is weirdly into their patios, so scoring a table at some of the more popular ones can be quite the feat.  Jenn and I were lucky enough to not only score a prime spot at Barney's on a Friday afternoon but we also counted man-buns, watched the patio cheer for a passing ice cream cart, and saw a Lamborghini cruise down Richmond Street.  Plus, we ate these.  A fine evening indeed.

  • I finally made it down to the Arts Project to check out the Ting Festival on its final day.  I didn't take any pictures (I feel super weird about doing that at galleries) but the Selfie series was my favourite.  If you missed it this year, be sure to check it out next year!
  • It's so bizarre, but all of a sudden my maple tree is covered in leaves.  I swear just a couple of days ago it was still just buds and now all of a sudden it's all lovely and full and shady.
  • After years of friendship, I finally met Jenn's brother.  I've met pretty much everyone else in her family, but her brother remained as elusive as the Polkaroo.  When we happened upon him outside of the movies I was so shocked that I almost went in for a hug.  Almost, because I'm still kind of weird about initiating physical contact like that.  But still - it was exciting.
  • When parking downtown I always avoid the paid lots and try to find a spot on the street.  The pay and displays are annoying and expensive.  But when I'm running late for Graphic Novel Group, I usually just cave and pay for the full day.  Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I rolled up and there was a display ticket for a full day of parking waiting in the machine!  I don't know if some good Samaritan didn't use their full day and put it there for me to find, or if the machine accidentally spit out two passes or what.  I'll take it!
  • Vivian had her field trip on Wednesday right here in town to the International Emergency Response Day.  It was a fantastic field trip, and I'm going to write up a separate post about it, but look at how adorable this pic is.  I love how the guy on the left is totally Dudley Do-Righting it up.

  • A few weeks ago I was at my mom's place and she wanted me to put together a bike and a scooter for the kids.  After she asked me to do it, I noticed that she changed the TV to Man of Steel, in an apparent effort to sweeten the deal.  This past Sunday I was in the living room and she changed the TV to V for Vendetta before she left the room.  Mom sure knows me.

Have a sunshiney week, friends!  Remember if you're hitting the patio to bring your own sunscreen!

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