Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pop Culture Question

Typically, I have a pretty good memory.  Especially when it comes to random pop culture knowledge.  Is this particularly useful?  Not always, but it makes for fun conversations.  There is, however, one pop culture question that has remained unanswered, like a splinter in my mind, driving me mad.

I already asked Morpheus.  He was no help.

The issue is this - I have this memory of an animated TV special called Bill (dot) Odenkirk (dot) Com.  I don't remember if it was actually written out as Bill.Odenkirk.com or what, but in my mind the "dots" were prominent.  If the name sounds familiar it's because Bill Odenkirk is a writer and producer on The Simpsons and Futurama, as well as being the brother of Bob Odenkirk - better known as everyone's favourite criminal attorney, Saul Goodman.  So it would make sense that at some point, Bill Odenkirk might have produced an animated special.  In my mind, it was a bunch of different shorts mashed together, kind of like an early Robot Chicken.  It would have been on when I was in high school, so think 1996-2000ish when a title like Bill.Odenkirk.com would have been kind of cutting edge, I guess?  It's so bizarre - I have asked several people about this special.  Several people whose pop culture trivia skills are also nothing to sneeze at.  Nothing.  I can't find anything about it online - it isn't listed on his IMDB page or Wiki or anything.  It's like it didn't exist and I made it up, but it makes sense that it could have existed.

As I write this, it occurs to me that maybe I saw Bill Odenkirk's name listed as Bill.Odenkirk.com in the credits on a Treehouse of Horror episode since they mess with the names there, but that still doesn't explain why  I have such a strong memory of a special.  In my mind's eye I can see it listed in an old issue of TV Guide.  This was before program guides on the TV, kids.  I remember going out of my way to watch it, so I must have heard about it somewhere.  I feel like it was on FOX too, which would also make sense for his background.

Help me out here.  Anyone else remember this?  Or is this a false memory and I've discovered a glitch in the Matrix?

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