Thursday, 28 May 2015

Outfit of the Day - Strike Style

It's been a whole lot of picket duty for this gal.  And I have to say, picket duty sucks.  I'm all for our right to strike, but picketing is brutal.  I'm walking about 10 kilometers before 11am when I'm on duty.  And it isn't a nice walk - oh no, it's strolling back and forth on about a 200 m stretch for three hours.  Next week we increase to four hour shifts!  Hooray!

Needles to say, I'm starting to miss my work clothes.  I'm sorry to everyone who has to hang out with me this weekend, but I'm probably going to be fancier than I need to be.  Dressing down is fun and all, but I miss my fancy stuff!

And so, here is a stunning example of strike style.  Please note the glamorous running shoes, stained green because I wear them to cut the grass and my Converse were hurting my feet.

The shirt is new at least - you can't quite tell in the pic, but it's Han and Leia's "I love you" "I know" in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.  A few people at the picket line seemed to appreciate it, so yay for that.  I've been wearing a tank top most days, but today wasn't supposed to be quite as hot in the morning so I went for the new tee.

To accessorize the ensemble, I went with a stylish and sporty bag compliments of the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Early Learning Program.

This is my life now, guys.  It's not pretty, but it is casual.

Tee - TeeFury
Pants - Lululemon
Shoes - Nike

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