Monday, 13 April 2015

Treats of the Week - Found on my phone

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying having their windows open like I am! I'm actually suffering through a sinus infection and am not doing much of anything. Basically my brain is useless (I very nearly fainted at work today, and was very grateful to a friend for getting me a coffee to try and perk me up) and so instead of having a nice list on my phone of treats I decided to do something a little different and just sift through all the pictures and screen caps on my phone to try and piece together the last week. 

Here goes - what was lurking in my phone this week. 

  • I'm getting a tattoo on Thursday (Yay!  Another reason for taking it easy tonight so I'm not sick for Thursday!) While talking to my brother yesterday we had a conversation about his tattoos which I thought was funny enough to jot down for a blog post or something.  His goal is to have all tattoos he will regret.  He's basically the coolest person I know.

  • I'm obsessed with my new jacket from Banana Republic - and through a bizarre twist I'm pretty sure it ended up being free.  I'm going to do another blog post about that one - just need to make sure it goes well for me first!

  • I can be extremely weak-willed, which is why a conversation about plaid on Facebook quickly turned into me impulsively buying this dress.  Because I need summertime plaid, obviously.

  • Even though this news isn't quite as exciting now that the episodes have been leaked, but I did get to watch the screeners of the first four episodes of Game of Thrones.  I got to see them because I have a super cool friend who gets the actual screeners from HBO.  Nothing nefarious here!

  • Vivian had her first dance competition yesterday and it went so well!  I was so impressed with the whole atmosphere - everyone is so supportive and considerate.  I loved getting to watch so many of the other dancers, and Vivian was just transfixed.  She really does love to dance.  My favourite routine was "Demons" from our studio, Andrea's Dance Studio.  I mean, they had full-on scaffolding for their set up.  The kids are insanely talented - I love watching their acro routines!  (The picture was just from them setting up the scaffolding - I can't wait to see them perform it again at the recital in June!)

  • And there's my favourite little tiny dancer with her medal!  Vivian and Blair's routine took first place in their category - Diamond award!  They were so proud of themselves.  I just love to watch them dance - I get all weird and choked up just watching.  (Ooh, cameo appearance of my new jacket!)

  • With the awesome weather yesterday we even made our first trip down to the lake.  Even though it was still crazy cold in the water it was so nice to just feel the sun and get my toes a little wet!

  • I have a habit of taking screen shots of things so I can remember to look them up later.  This documentary, Life in a Day, sounds pretty awesome.

  • Similarly, I also want to read this book.

  • There are all kinds of new emojis available on iPhone now but the selection is still sorely lacking!  No tacos!  No nerdy emoji!  No crossed arms!  No crossed fingers!  No eye rolling!  No pinkie swearing!  I've got this pic in my phone for pinkie swearing text emergencies though.

  • I've been wanting to get a new purse and had been considering getting this one, but as soon as I had mentally made the decision I started getting all kinds of compliments on my current purse.  Maybe it's a sign to stick with what I've got?

There you go, friends!  Some treats of the week from what I could gather from my phone.  I'll try to do a better job of keeping notes this week - hopefully my sinus infection clears up enough that I can formulate full thoughts in a couple of days!

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