Thursday, 2 April 2015

Outfit of the Day - The Best Top Ever

Lately I've been making an effort to buy some nicer clothes.  Not necessarily be a label whore or anything, but basically I discovered the Banana Republic Factory Store and realized that I can spend the same on those clothes that are well made and will last and fit better than on Old Navy stuff that will just fade and fall apart and I end up not liking it after a couple of months anyway.

Anyway, look at my pretty Banana Republic outfit!  I wanted something new to wear for the big night out in Windsor for Amy Schumer with Jenn.  Nothing too fancy, but something nice just to make myself feel nice.  Obviously this required a hotel room photoshoot.

I had this initial idea of wearing this striped peplum top from the Gap that I had ordered, but it was terrible.  Luckily as I was throwing that in my virtual cart I also took a chance on this green top from Banana Republic.  I had seen it in the store (the real one, not just the factory store) and thought it was interesting but was one of those tops that look super weird on a hanger.  I figured either it would be awesome or a disaster so I took a chance and ordered it.

It's really drapey and open at the front - like I had to put Jenn on boob patrol to make sure things didn't get crazy.  If I was wearing it to work or something I would definitely wear a nice camisole underneath, but for a night out I figured I would just wear a pretty bra and go with it.  It's the prettiest deep green colour and it's so soft and flattering!  Jenn even deemed it to be the best top she has ever seen me wear - high praise indeed.  Also notice the feet?  I bought myself these Seychelles shoes that I had been dying for - and they are so freaking comfortable, they're worth every penny.  I have worn them a million times already.

The outfit ended up being perfect - comfortable, flattering, fancy but not too dressy.  It was just perfect for the night.  And I ended up with a new profile picture out of it, which never hurts!

Top - Banana Republic (I couldn't find it on the Canadian site but here's a link to the UK one.)
Jeans - Banana Republic (Those were a $20 find at the factory store!)
Clutch and Necklace - Banana Republic
Shoes - Gamble by Seychelles

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