Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Hypothetical Question of Morality

I like to think that this blog isn't just a place for me to be ridiculous, but it's also a place for serious ethical questions, as in this post of yore.  Yes, yore.

I come to you today with yet another question of scruples - entirely hypothetical, of course.

So let's say there was a particular jacket you had been pining for at Banana Republic.  You'd visited it in store.  It was soft and lovely and oh so perfect.  And even though it's completely trendy and every store seems to have some version of it, this was the best possible version.  Of course, it was priced accordingly.

Then let's say there came a day where it was 41% off.  And suddenly the jacket seemed within reach.  Perhaps after much thought it was finally placed in the virtual shopping cart.  Maybe that happened a couple of times, but you made sure that there was only one in there when you hit that "Order" button.  The confirmation email came through, shipping notice came through.  All was well.

While awaiting delivery perhaps you had some second thoughts.  The dreaded buyers' remorse.  Was it really a necessary purchase?  Will you get enough wear out of it?  Should you have just cheaped out and gotten a $40 version from H&M?

Then it arrived.  And lo and behold - there are two packages.  Two identical jackets.  Two packing slips, with identical information.  By all appearances, it would seem that somehow the order was duplicated, resulting in two deliveries but only one transaction appearing on the banking information.

At that point, what do you do?  You have two jackets - and have only paid for one.  Do you keep the other one?  Save it to sell on Kijiji?  Give it to a friend as a gift?  Attempt to give it back to Banana Republic, explaining the situation and insisting they not refund you any money?

Or do you just return one of the jackets, just to see what would happen.  And maybe if that were the route you were to choose, do you gleefully celebrate in your awesome new free jacket when you see the transaction reverse?

Please, tell me what you would do in this entirely hypothetical situation.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating question!
If I recal, there was a similar hypothetical question at Toys R US once too...

Honestly, I would see if a friend wanted it - maybe give it away for a beer or lunch out. If somehow no one wanted such a lovely coat, or it did not fit anyone then I would go the return route. Knowing full well that the money will more than likely go back into the store with some other purchase.
My hypothetical answer.