Monday, 9 March 2015

Treats of the Week - Smells like Sunshine

YOU GUYS, I don't want to alarm anyone but there seems to be a large ball of fire in the sky that is making things warm and melty.  I'm so confused, but I'll take it.

  • The Goldbergs is one of my favourite shows right now - it's consistently funny and clever and I love me some nostalgia.  They completely knocked it out of the park with the Ferris Bueller episode though - that was gold!
  • My cousin Adam has been dabbling in some stand up comedy, which is crazy brave!  Check out his set!

  • In other TV news - I also love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Detective Amy Santiago is my spirit animal.  Need further proof?  Check out this clip that I expertly recorded with my phone from the tv.  Guess who else played French Horn in jazz band (and still has their cummerbund).  Yep, that would be me.  HER LIFE IS MY LIFE.

  • My mom has noticed a startling resemblance between Lena Dunham and Vivian.  I even dug back through Lena's Instagram for a picture of her when she was younger, and it's totally Vivian!  It's making it pretty weird for me to enjoy watching Girls now.

  • Something about spring-like temperatures makes me want to shop.  It's dangerous.  I am now a massive fan of that Banana Republic Factory Store - I went there twice on Friday and the staff recognized me.  I also scored an insane deal on a skirt at The Gap - on clearance for $6.97, then with an additional clearance discount meant that I walked out of there with a skirt for $5.51 after taxes.  I spent more at Taco Bell than on that skirt.
  • We took the kids out to Grand Bend to enjoy the warmer temperatures and check out the frozen lake.  Vivian was exhausted, but still loved the adventure!

  • It's so nice to have wonderful neighbours - especially when a mixup on a Friday afternoon means you need someone to pick up Vivian from school!  Thanks so much, Sherilyn!  You're a lifesaver!
  • I found $20 in my car, which was obviously an invitation to spend it on something pretty.
  • While making out way out of a grocery store on Saturday, a friend and I noticed a ridiculous car parked in the lot with the windows down and the music just cranked.  We were already making fun of the situation when I realized that the song was Crazy Town's "Butterfly".  That made us burst into a fit of laughter over how amazing the whole thing was.

  • A Saturday night games night with good friends was just the way to get through another cold night!
Have a great, melty week out there guys!

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