Monday, 2 March 2015

Treats of the Week - Smarch

At long, long last it is MARCH!  It may not be an instant spring out there, but it's something.  I'm already getting that spring cleaning itch!

  • Vivian and I got to hang out with some friends on Saturday night - she was so pumped to play with a baby!  I was pretty happy about it too!  And it was fun to hang out with the moms!

  • It was time to say goodbye to Parks & Recreation this past week - one of my favourite shows.  I loved the ending, it just warmed my little public servant heart.
  • Very exciting news this week since both Chuck Palahniuk and Ernest Cline have new books coming out!
  • This picture just makes me so happy.  And yes, apparently I was up checking Instagram at midnight taking screencaps of things.  Be envious of my life.

  • I had a meeting at the bank this week (mortgage renewal, super fun stuff) and the bank only has metered parking.  Not a big deal, I threw some money in the meter and hoped for the best.  As I was leaving, the advisor asked how much I had spent on parking so she could reimburse me.  I said I wasn't sure, it wasn't a big deal I had just thrown whatever change I had in there.  She then reached in the drawer and handed me like $4.  I was completely amused by a bank just handing me money for nothing.
  • After months of searching I finally found a Wonder Woman toy that is appropriate for a 4 year old girl.  It was shockingly difficult and became a massive thorn in my side.  I haven't given her the set yet, I'm thinking of saving it until Easter.  She'll be so pumped though!

  • Vivian is turning into quite the little movie buff.  She's discovered The Wizard of Oz now and told me today, "It's a really great movie, mommy."
  • The only thing that elevates a VIP movie experience is wearing my new dress and eating deep fried pickles when I'm there!
  • It was my lovely grandma's birthday yesterday and it was so nice for us to get together for a dinner with her.  Lucas wasn't thrilled about those sparklers, but Vivian loved handing out the cupcakes to everyone!

  • Is there anything better in the world than fresh sheets on a bed?

Enjoy this week, guys!  It's supposed to go all the way up to 0 degrees tomorrow!  Time to bust out the shorts!

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