Monday, 30 March 2015

Treats of the Week - March needs to end

I feel like everyone has a certain time of year that is fraught with change.  For me, it always seems to be March and October.  If there's something big happening, odds are pretty good that it's in one of those two months.  It can make me a little apprehensive of those months, because things can be good or bad.  March hasn't been particularly great - lots of ups and downs and paperwork (currently dealing with a mortgage renewal/lawyers drawing up papers/roof that needs replaced/car that needs replaced).

So yeah.  March needs to end.  Bring it, April.  I need to feel a little bit less like this...

And a little bit more like this.

Time for treats!

  • I upgraded my phone this week - went from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6.  It's been nice - I was having a lot of trouble with my old phone so it's nice to have something that doesn't just crash out of the middle of nowhere.  Plus Vivian is loving having may hand-me-down.
  • It was the season finale of the The Mindy Project on Tuesday - and then bam!  Wednesday it showed up on Netflix.  ALL THE SHOWS NEED TO DO THIS.  I've already rewatched the entire third season.
  • I like having chocolate soy or almond milk for lunch, but it fequently leads to disaster when my purple cup loses its lid and I end up accidentally dumping my whole lunch down the drain.  Yes, that happened at work a couple of weeks ago.  These new tetra packs should help save me. 

  • Vivian had her skating carnival on Saturday and she did so well!  It's always so great to see how excited the kids are when they're all dressed up in their costumes!

  • Scoring a parking lot close enough to the mall that I could ditch my coat in the car and just walk right in.  That happened twice this week - can't beat that.
  • I spent most of the day on Saturday binge watching Empire.  Can I join the Smollett family?  Because there is way too much pretty happening there between Jussie and Jurnee.
  • I've been organizing Operation Chair Lift at work.  Basically there's an old chair in a back room that I'm obsessed with and need to have it.  I want it even more now that I found two identical chairs at the antique mall on the weekend for $225/pair.  THE CHAIR MUST BE MINE.

  • Have you been watching Last Man on Earth?  It's pretty offbeat, but I am really enjoying it.  I need a margarita pool in my life.
  • I'm super bummed about Target closing - but I was happy to snag this plaid area rug that I had been eyeing up!  $45 and it was mine, and I even managed to cram it into old Foxy!

Have an Easter-treaty week, you guys.  I am so glad that it's a short week this week (and next week!) I'll do my best to remember to post Treats next Monday, but I tend to screw it up with the holiday weekends.

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