Monday, 23 March 2015

Treats of the Week - Curve Balls

I'm not a big baseball fan, but I do enjoy the metaphors.  This week has been a week of curve balls.  You know that feeling - standing at the plate, thinking you know what's coming at you but that's just not the way it goes.  It's been a swing and a miss kind of week, guys.  As hard as it is, focusing on the treats always makes things a little bit easier.

  • Jenn knows that one thing that will always cheer anyone up is Natalie Portman rapping.  Thank you for reminding me!

  • One of my favourite officers - someone I haven't seen in years - showed up at court this week and was nice enough to take me out for lunch to True Taco where I had THE BEST burrito I have ever had.  

  • I'm notoriously bad at impressions.  So when I was making a joke about how I'm basically Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep combined, this was the response I received.

  • Vivian spent a lot of time away from home over March Break - lots of fun things happening and visits.  While it was nice to have some time to get things done around the house, I much preferred getting my cuddly girl back and hearing "Mommy, I missed you."  It's nice to be missed.
  • The snow has finally melted enough that I was able to put the garbage and recycling right on the grass this week instead of precariously perched on a snow/ice bank.  It really is the little things.
  • I have this one belt that is a little too long when I'm wearing a dress with no loops, but doesn't knot well.  My solution this week was to use a binder clip to keep it together.  I was pretty pleased with myself.

  • I finally got a Chromecast and am slowly updating my whole method of watching TV (I might do a blog post about it if people are interested).  Part of this whole process was getting Crave TV, which seems pretty decent so far.  My favourite find has been this hippo documentary - I spend far too much time looking for hippo attack videos on YouTube (hippos will fuck you up!), so Pablo Escobar's hippos are definitely something I need to see!

Keep swinging out there, guys.  I'll try to take my own advice.

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