Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Thrifted Organzing

It's no secret that I love me some thrifting.  I don't like just buying things for the sake of having them though.  I try to only bring things home if I truly love them, have a place for them, or will actually use them.  Because of my fondness for vintage kitchenwares I try to really make sure that I use them, otherwise my kitchen would just be overrun with pretty things in cabinets.  

I thought it might be fun to show you some of the ways that I use my Pyrex bowls and whatnot around the house.  Or it will be incredibly boring.  You'll be sitting there saying, "Holy shit, Ashlie.  You put stuff in bowls.  What groundbreaking information."  To that I say, "Well hey, that's kind of mean.  I'm doing my best over here."

So yeah...stuff in bowls.

In the kitchen I like to use my Fiesta pitcher to hold my utensils, and keep one of my Pyrex mixing bowls beside it to hold napkins.

The office has this little bowl for iPods and accessories.

Also in the office is this little card holder - I like to have blank cards on hand instead of running out to buy greeting cards all the time.  I also use a vintage ice bucket for pens and pencils.

Back in the kitchen (because I uploaded the pictures in a funny order and am too lazy to switch them around) I keep my Federal bowls on the kitchen table to hold random Vivian stuff.  It makes for a nice drop off spot for all those odds and ends that come home in her backpack.

I also like to have a Pyrex bowl in the pantry for lunch snacks.  I hate having boxes with only one granola bar left in them, so instead I fill up the bowl with lunchy snacks so I can just grab them for Vivian's lunch, or she can grab one for herself if she needs a snack.

I use some of the smaller Pyrex bowls for my coffee stuff, and my straws in another vintage ice bucket.

And another big one on the counter for my Keurig pods!

Like I said, it's not exactly groundbreaking organization here or anything but I like having pretty things around me and especially like it when they're being useful!  I think it's always better to put something to use than to have it collecting dust on a shelf.

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