Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Winter Thrift

Lunch breaks in the winter mean a lot of wandering around thrift stores and antique markets for me.  I like to clean off my car and get it warmed up with a little drive and I like being able to wander around instead of just sitting at my desk all the time.  I took a trip to Brydges Street Antique Market the other day and even though I wasn't in a shopping zone (i.e. - we were closing in on payday and there were no funds for random thrifting!) I still took lots of pictures to remind me for next time and to show you guys!

(So I wrote this post like a week and a half ago, then I went back and got some of the stuff so it's been updated!)

I probably need all of these Canadian pennants for my Canadiana collection, right?  (I went back for the one on the top right!  Can't wait to add it to the wall!)

And maybe this Western plate too.  I have an unhealthy obsession.

I love vintage Fisher Price stuff and have many fond memories of playing with this A-frame cottage.  I would love to have one again (you know, for me, not for Vivian) but this one wasn't in the greatest condition so I'll keep looking.

Sigh.  I've had my eye on this bad boy for like a year.  I love it so much, but do I $70 love it?  I just don't know.  One day, my love.

Always more Pyrex than I can handle.  I really need to settle on a few patterns or colourways that I want to collect and go from there.  Otherwise I would just end up wanting everything.

I have the large mixing bowl in this pattern, and this itty bitty little pinch bowl was just so darn cute!  (This one came home with me too - how could I resist?!)

Oh, why hello there flamingo tray.  I might just need to circle back for you.  (Oh yes, flamingo tray.  You came home with me.  Now to find just the right spot for you to live.)

This little find was from a few weeks ago at Value Village. I just spotted the colours way at the back of a shelf and thought "Hmm, I wonder if that's a Disney thing?" Lo and behold it is, and I'm awesome.

I assume it was meant as an ashtray with those wavy edges, but I'm using it to hold my 19 Crimes wine corks.

As much as I enjoy winter treasure hunting, I can't wait to feel the sun and do some yard sale-ing again! 

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