Monday, 2 February 2015

Treats of the Week - Puttering

I could spend my little introduction talking about all the stupid snow we got yesterday and how much I've had to shovel and how I got stuck on my babysitter's street this morning but still made it to work and how ugh I'm so done with winter but I really don't want to give it any more attention.  So there.  I'll go back to what I was planning on writing before all this stupid snow hit.

I am a putterer.  I am one who putters.  Puttering is wonderful because you somehow manage to accomplish things and procrastinate at the same time.  What's that?  The bathroom needs to be cleaned?  Hmm, I could do that or I could putter over here and move the extra lint rollers from this junk drawer to that junk drawer.  Or maybe I need to organize these papers instead of cleaning the floors.  Yes, there's no finer way to spend a weekend than puttering around the house, drinking coffee and taking breaks for reading.  Such was my weekend.  Here's some of the highlights.

  • My mom had knee surgery this past week and it went really well!  Now if only she would give herself some time to relax and heal she would be doing even better.
  • The good Samaritan who helped get me unstuck from the road today.
  • One of our favourite justices of the peace retired and we got to take him out for a nice lunch.  It's always a little weird, but fun to see the JPs "out in the wild"!
  • This post on Ginnifer Goodwin's instagram made me laugh.

  • Louis CK has a new comedy special out and I can't wait to watch it!  Instead of going a traditional route with it, he released it on his website for a $5 download, with the request that you not torrent it.  It's a great deal - I was more than happy to shell out my $5 for it.  With the $5 you can download it up to five times in different formats and can stream it like three times if you would rather go that way.  Louis CK is a god among men in my eyes, and well worth my money!
  • Still working through my Oscar movies - The Theory of Everything and Wild are crossed off the list!
  • There is a new flea market coming to London this June and I am pumped!  So far all that I know about it is that Heist and dpms. is involved, which is more than enough to get me on board.

  • I've been loving the final season of Parks and Recreation, and this past week's return of Treat Yo Self made me extra happy!
  • Having a friend take me out for Taco Bell on a crappy day at work.
  • The Super Bowl is kind of a non-event for me.  I watched the halftime show though (and the second half, but was more interested in reading) and loved, loved it!  Say what you will about Katy Perry, but girl can put on a show.  And I now want dancing sharks and palm trees to be at all events.  And Missy Elliott.  Okay, thank you.
  • I was reading like a mofo this past weekend - I've been trying to make more of an effort to sit and read instead of multitasking all over the place and it was so nice to actually burn my way through some of those books on my nightstand!
  • I've been working away at stripping my coffee table - slowly and surely making progress!

  • As part of my puttering I actually managed to hang up most of the Wall O Canadiana!  Can you believe it?!  There will be a post this week with all the maple leafy details.
  • I rewatched Gladiator on Friday because that's what one does when Gladiator is on tv.  Beware - if you watch Gladiator with me you will have to tolerate me saying "You sold me queer giraffes" and giggling like an idiot.
  • This article made me laugh way too hard.
  • This kid has been rediscovering old baby blankets in the linen closet - leading to lots and lots of cuddling on cold days.

Let's all hope there won't be any more shovelling this week, shall we?

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