Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Outfit of the Day - Multipurpose

Because I try to keep a pretty small wardrobe I try to use pieces in a lot of different ways and have outfits that be worn to different things.  I like having multipurpose outfits - things that are dressy enough for work, casual enough for not at work, pretty enough for going out - all at once.

Today was kind of a crappy day (picture me scraping off my car in the parking lot after work and having my entire driver's side windshield wiper FALLING OFF, which I then had to wedge back together and hope for the best as I drove home with my gas light on in the snow.  So yeah.) but at least my outfit was cute!  I love this outfit - I feel like it's totally multipurpose.  Classy enough for work, but I still feel cute and sexy and comfy in it.  All the things!

This striped dress from Old Navy had been feeling a little short and I felt weird about wearing it on its own.  I like breaking it up by having the knotted chambray shirt.  I feel like being more covered up on top balances out the shorter skirt?  I don't know, it makes sense to me.

I am still loving those wedges from Maurices too - they have the most satisfying clicking sound when I walk in them.  Plus with the black tights and (a little bit) short skirt it makes me feel like my legs are super long.

I think it's important to always have a few outfits in your arsenal that make you feel good and are easy to throw on - this is definitely one for me.  

And just because I felt like my makeup was looking semi decent and I never end up with pictures of my actual face in these posts you all get a real selfie.  Because what is the internet for if not rampant narcissism?

Chambray shirt - Target (Merona)
Dress - Old Navy
Tights - Joe Fresh
Boots - Maurices
Glasses - Versace (my only fancy thing)

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