Thursday, 26 February 2015

Badass Shirts

I got a pretty awesome gift for Christmas.  A friend of mine took some nice high-res images of some of my favourite Batman images and printed them onto iron-on transfers so I could make my own shirts!  It's pretty safe to say that I'm completely hooked and might soon be overrun with my own novelty t-shirts.  The process was really easy and they turned out super well!  I just got some cheap t-shirts from Old Navy (I don't typically like their plain t-shirts, but these Vintage style V-neck Ts are really nice and light and fit really well.  Plus, they were like $6 each.) and we ironed away!  Easy-peasy!

This one is the back cover of The Killing Joke.

And of course the front cover of The Killing Joke - looks amazing on a shirt!

This one is my favourite cover by my favourite artist - Dustin Nguyen's cover for Streets of Gotham #19.

This one is also from The Killing Joke - my favourite panel ever.  Oh Alan Moore, only you could break down the push-pull relationship of Batman and Joker in a couple of panels and a few word bubbles.  "You had a bad day and everything changed."  (Check it out here if you can't read all of it, or aren't familiar with it.)

And just to break out of the Batman corner, I'm now the proud owner of a Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt!  Don't see that everyday!

So yeah, you can expect to find me in homemade t-shirts forever now.  Beware for all my clever quips to end up on a shirt.  Hipster asshole status confirmed in

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