Monday, 26 January 2015

Treats of the Week - You Look Nice Today

Today was one of those classic Mondays - nothing too terrible, but somehow a collection of annoyances made up for kind of a crappy day.  I was told a few times that I looked nice though, so that always helps.  So if any of you had a crappy day today too, let me be the first to tell you that you look nice today.

  • Most of my meals last week consisted of leftover lasagna from my mom.  It was heavenly.
  • I had Early Bird for lunch with some coworkers and these delicious little fish tacos went in my face.

  • I had a lovely weekend of chill hangouts with great friends watching some Oscar movies - I'm getting close to having seen all the best picture nominees and acting category nominees!
  • Vivian has been watching a lot of Astro Boy lately, which has been awesome!  When we were at Chapters for my book club we found this set of 8 prints of Osamu Tezuka's art for only $9.99 and Vivian can't wait to have some hanging up in her room!

  • Bumping into people you know in unexpected places is always a nice treat.
  • I finished watching The Affair this week, and I quite enjoyed it!  Although I couldn't quite wrap my head around why anyone would step out on their husband when that husband is a rugged bearded Joshua Jackson.
  • Vivian had her first trip to the London Children's Museum yesterday and she loved it!  I was a little apprehensive about going, only because I was worried it wouldn't stand up to my memories since I loved going there so much as a kid.  I was quite impressed though - there was enough that was the same as I remembered to satiate my nostalgia, but enough had been nicely updated that it wasn't rundown.

  • I made some awesome new shirts as part of a Christmas present - but I'm going to do a specific blog post about that one!
  • My mom is basically the worst at going to the car wash.  We have been those people who somehow got off the tracks and had to be helped out by the staff.  We went to the car wash yesterday and were just saying how nice it is now that most car washes are updated that you don't have to drive into the tracks anymore.  As we pulled in, mom noticed the "Back Up" sign.  She asked if I had ever gotten the back up sign (I hadn't) and we mentioned how terrible it would be to get that sign lit up because it would surely spell disaster.  Not even two seconds later she pulled ahead too far and got the "Back Up" sign.  Because of course she did.  Luckily we managed to get through the car wash without any major disasters - just some mildly panicked children.
  • My dear Jenn has secured some Amy Schumer tickets for us in Windsor in March - we can't wait to spend an evening learning at the feet of the queen!

...and now it's time for bed.

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