Monday, 12 January 2015

Treats of the Week - Yes I'm complaining about the snow

Ughhhhhh I know we have been very spoiled with this winter so far - especially when you consider what we had to deal with last year but man am I sick of the snow already.  Too many days in a row of terrible drives to work, early morning shovelling, late night shovelling, wet boots and cold hands is making me grumpy and tired.  I'll take my hibernation now, please.  Despite all my grumbling it was still a great week - now here's the treats before I head off to hide in my bed for several hours.

  • Just making it to work and home safely this week has been quite the treat - it was touch and go on some of those drives!
  • I want this shirt now, okay thanks.  And yes, most of the pictures on my phone are random screencaps of things.

  • Two of my favourites - Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen - are teaming up for a new comic called Descender and you can bet that it will be added to my pull list!

  • I've been trying to make a dent in my Oscar race movies and managed to get out to see Big Eyes and Inherent Vice over the weekend.  Two very different movies, but I enjoyed them both!
  • Vivian and I also had a sleepover at my friend Amanda's place - after the kids went to bed we had a bit of a mom's night in that started out innocently enough like this...

And ended up a little rougher like this.

Totally worth it though!

  • The next day we had to manage the kids though, so after they were wowed with some science experiments...

  • We ventured out to see Little Ray's Reptile Zoo for the travelling show.  I think this is Vivian's fourth time seeing them and she just loves it.  The kid is fearless - she wants to touch and hold everything!  Here she is holding a scorpion, giving zero fucks.

  • After Little Ray's we had to fight our way through a grocery store - no small feat with four little kids and two moms who had seen better days.  I had the two girls in my cart and right when I had about had it and was tired of telling them to stop touching everything the nice man who was ahead of me in line asked the girls to help push the button for the conveyor belt on his side.  They had a blast helping him with his groceries while I got ours bagged up.  The kindness of strangers!
  • GIRLS is back with season four and even though I have dropped HBO from my satellite package (shocking, I know) I have managed to procure the episode through some internet means and will now be heading to my bed to check it out.
Have a week everybody - stay warm out there!

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