Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Am I using my foot wrong?

So I was at book club last night, where we were talking about boots. Because what kind of book club would we be if we actually talked about books the entire time? I was lamenting the fact that my beloved Sorels were looking a little worse for the wear - heavy salt stains and the right heel was worn through from driving. I thought that this happened to everyone's shoes - the right heel on most of my shoes is in a terrible state of disrepair from wearing them when I'm driving. Apparently this doesn't happen to everyone since I was met with some "What exactly are you doing when you're driving?!" 

I maintain that I'm doing nothing wrong. The scuffs are from balancing on my heel while I'm working the pedal. In the summer when I'm in sandals (or more likely barefoot) my right heel will be black and gross from driving. Maybe it's the heavy duty winter rubber mats I have? Or maybe I'm just a giant weirdo. That could be true. 

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