Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Vivian's Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are obviously the best part about Christmas.  I go a little crazy with stockings, 
they're just so much fun!  Little stuff is always the best, and I love wrapping every little 
thing in those stockings!  I think Vivian's stocking last year ended up spilling into a grocery 
bag, but I'm fine with it.  Stockings are the best, there are no rules!  Here's what will be 
turning up in Vivian's stocking this year in case you need any ideas for your little ones!  

(P.S. - Did I do this last year?  I thought I had, but then I couldn't find the post so I'm 
probably just losing my mind.)

Vivian's stocking stuffers

Nat Geo has really stepped up their game for kids stuff.  Not only do they have awesome encyclopedias that are kid-friendly, they have loads of fun sticker books, joke books, activity books, and simple readers.  I found Vivian a couple of their basic readers for about $4 each.  Books are always perfect for the stocking!

Smencils are pretty awesome - all the fun of smelly markers, without the mess!  They've got special holiday scents which are perfect, especially since the full sets are a little pricey.

Pens and Notebooks

Vivian has been all about pens and notebooks lately.  She's been filling them up like crazy, so I made sure to grab a bunch of cute notebooks when I found some on clearance at Target.  You can never have too many on hand!  She also keeps stealing my Batman pens, so I might have to get her some Wonder Woman ones of her own.  She has a Monster High projector pen too and thinks it's just awesome, so a new projector pen just might find its way in there as well!

Vivian is crazy about blind bags.  She wants a new My Little Pony one every time we go to the grocery store.  Good thing I scored an awesome deal on a whole box of them back in October, I have a bunch tucked away.  You can find them for practically anything now - I want to get her some Lego blind bags as well.

I like sneaking some educational stuff in there too!  These Smarty Pants flash cards from Melissa & Doug seem cute and fun!

Similar to the blind bags are the mystery minis.  The toys are a bigger scale and have better detail.  Plus since she doesn't get these very often they will be even more exciting in her stocking!

Arts and craft supplies of any kind are awesome stocking stuffers!  

Kids love flashlights.  It's like a rule.  When I was a kid, we were allowed to open our stocking stuff first and play with that until it was a decent time for mom and dad to get up and do the rest of Christmas morning.  One year, we all got little flashlights in our stockings, which we of course put to good use creeping around the living room checking out the presents.  We weren't quite as sneaky as we thought though, since all of the flashing and "whispering" (seriously, anyone who knows me and my brother and sister knows that we're incapable of whispering) woke them up anyway.

I don't really get these things, but Vivian loves Shopkins.  They're like little food with faces or something?  I don't know, I think she found out about it on YouTube or something.

Yes, I would take apart a multi-pack of Play-Doh so I could wrap each tub individually for the stocking.  This is normal behaviour.


I think Vivian might have to get about 20 pairs of mittens in her stocking the way we've been running through them.  We have a whole lot of single mittens at this point, not many pairs.  It's nice to mix in some practical stuff - this also applies to socks and things like bubble bath and body wash.

Vivian loves her Calico Critters, and has a weird thing for pandas right now, so a little panda family will just be perfect in her stocking.

I'm sure there's some other stuff, but that's what I could come up with off the top of my head.  Basically anything that is smaller than a shoebox is fair game for a stocking, if you ask me.  And don't forget the candy!  Candy is basically required in a stocking.  How else can you have peanut butter cups for breakfast on Christmas morning?

(PS - the formatting is all messed up on this, probably since I uploaded the image from Polyvore.  I don't know, I'm too lazy to try and fix it.)

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