Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Very Vivian - Some Things Never Change

A lot of things change as your kids grow up.  Toys and books come and go, clothes are outgrown, milestones are met.  For Vivian, one thing has remained constant.

She loves that blanket as much today as she does the very first time she grabbed it.  She still sleeps with her little hand stuck in the mitts (resulting in callouses on her wrists).  The head has been sewn back on (and needs to be repaired yet again).  She cries when she finds holes in him.  He soothes her when she's upset, follows her from home to daycare and back again, and keeps her warm every single night.  He's gone from being Bibby to Blanket and she loves that green thing.

It will be a sad day when she finally outgrows her beloved Blanket.  But when that day comes, even if all that's left is a worn little green square I'll be sure to tuck it away, and show her these pictures when she's grown up to remind her how much she loved her Blanket.

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