Monday, 22 December 2014

Treats of the Week - Merry Everything

Down to the wire, everyone!  I still have one more day of work left, and I hope you're all close to that finish line too if you're not there already!  I'm still about 99% done because I'm the eternal procrastinator and it just wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't out there on Christmas Eve standing in stupid lines at the grocery store and fighting crowds like a dummy.  Ah well, 'tis the season.

  • I'm not a candle person, but this time of year I cannot resist a Twisted Peppermint candle from Bath & Body Works!

  • I saw some really great movies this week - Citizenfour was the Edward Snowden documentary and was sufficiently terrifying.  Foxcatcher was frightening in its stillness and Steve Carell blew me away.  And I finally got around to watching Life Itself, the documentary about Roger Ebert that had me in tears.  It takes a lot for a movie to get to me, and I thought I would be prepared for that one since I had read his memoir, but it still got to me.  I also randomly watched Point Break, which remains the best of all bank robbing-surfer movies.
  • A coworker got me some Kahlua flavoured coffee for my Keurig and it is delightful, even if it isn't alcoholic.
  • I forgot about this one last week, but I'll still list it here.  I was in some training for work and made one of my dumb comments which ended in, "This feels like a trap."  The guy sitting beside me didn't even miss a beat, he jumped right in with his best Admiral Ackbar impression, "It's a trap!"  So I'm pretty sure that that's the easiest way to identify a fellow nerd in the crowd.
  • I got a really awesome gift this past week, but I'll blog more about it later since there's a DIY aspect to it.  Suffice to say that I'll have some badass T-shirts soon!
  • I was satisfied with the finale of Serial, even though I know that some people were expecting more of a resolution.  This parody from SNL was amazing though - so spot on!  "But what about the Nisha call?"

  • Vivian has been working hard at her reading "homework" and can now identify the word "is"!  
  • Vivian also had her first Christmas concert last week - it was a bit of a mess, but adorable nonetheless!

  • Just getting through this week has been quite the treat - it's been one long week!
All the best this week, guys!  I've got another post or two planned for this week, but I know a lot of people slip into internet radio silence.  I hope if you're celebrating something you enjoy every minute of it!

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