Monday, 8 December 2014

Treats of the Week - FOUR!

It seems I've somehow managed to accidentally delete last week's Treats of the Week post.  I don't even know, it's been a weird day.

In other news - today is Vivian's 4th birthday!  She had an awesome birthday weekend complete with a trip to Niagara Falls and a birthday party at the movies.  It's hard to believe that she's already four, but at the same time she just keeps getting more and more fun and hilarious with every passing day and I can't wait to see what the coming years have in store for us!

  • This kid is always a treat.

  • Like I said - her birthday part was at Cineplex to go see The Penguins of Madagascar.  I really enjoyed the movie - it proves once again that Benedict Cumberbath is incapable of saying "penguin".  Why he keeps getting cast in penguin-related things, I'll never know.

  • The movie also had a hilarious and bizarre running joke.  I won't spoil it here, but it's definitely a great one for the parents in the audience to pick up on!
  • Vivian had an awesome birthday cake for her party - a custom made Coraline cake!  You can get in touch with Julie if you're interested in ordering your own tasty and awesome cake!

  • I love it when a waitress says that she appreciates my sarcasm, and she actually means it.  Everyone should appreciate my sarcasm.
  • I've watched an unholy amount of Inside Amy Schumer in the last couple of days.  Like I watched 14 episodes in one day.  She's just dropping truth bombs all over my life.
  • Hey look - my fence is upright!  Hooray!  I was very, very fortunate this week to have some amazing help from some family members - including my dad who stopped in to fix up my fence!

  • This gif.  OMG this gif.  I don't post gifs very often (unless it's a crazy post that's only gifs) but this one had me giggling at my desk for like 10 minutes.  I can't stop watching it - I've easily watched it 50 times.  It just keeps getting funnier the more you watch it!  

Have a great week, everyone!  I'll try to avoid deleting more posts!

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JennM said...

Ashlie - That Benedict Cumberbatch video of the Pengwings? Peglings? has had me giggling since I watched it. Every time I think of it, I laugh. He really can't say penguins—and it's hilarious. And let's be honest—he does everything else so splendidly, it's ok if he can't say pegwings:)