Monday, 15 December 2014

Treats of the Week - Crunch Time

December 15th - crunch time!  We are closing in on the holidays quickly and I'm actually feeling pretty prepared!  After a busy weekend (which included a trip to Waterloo to pick up Vivian's big present) I am 99% done with Christmas shopping and ready to start wrapping!  If that isn't a treat, I don't know what is!

  • I participated in a Christmas ornament exchange with my fellow Ham Cats from GOMI and was so pleased when mine arrived this week!  A Ham from Ottawa sent me these perfect maple leaf ornaments - you know those will end up on the Wall O Canadiana!

  • My house is a disaster, and will no doubt stay that way for the next few weeks.  I am, however, comforted by the fact that I finally got around to getting more bags and boards this week to organize my comics - small victories!

  • The gas prices are low, low, low which makes me happy, happy, happy!
  • I have to jay walk to get from where I park to where I work, and it's often a pain in the ass.  It made me laugh this week when one of the officers stopped the cruiser to let me cross.  Of course I yelled at him that he was blatantly letting me jay walk, but it was still very nice.
  • I watched the new HBO documentary Banksy Does New York and thought it was awesome.  I love Banksy's work, and this documentary really showed how people react to his work - which is even more interesting.  I thought it was really thought-provoking, especially as to ownership of art and its perceived value.
  • This bit of chocolate ridiculousness ended up on desk this week.  That's a chocolate donut with dark chocolate filling, chocolate icing, chocolate bits on top and a piece of dark chocolate just shoved right in there.  So it's a little sweet.

  • It was Christmas dinner with the book club ladies this week!  We went out for an awesome fancy meal at Waldo's on King.  It's not very often I go out for such a fancy dinner - this is probably my one time a year - so I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I took pictures of my salad and salmon because of course I did.

  • I saw Horrible Bosses 2 and it actually wasn't terrible!  Definitely not as good as the original, but still a lot better than I was expecting!
  • I took Vivian to Crock A Doodle to make some Christmas gifts for the grandparents.  She had a blast - we will definitely be going back.  Can't wait to pick them up and see how they turn out!

  • This video popped up in my fee a couple of times today and I cannot get over it!  Amazing.

Happy holidays times, guys!  Hope you're getting ready to relax!

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