Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Easy Steps to a Tacky Christmas Tree

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  • Get out Christmas tree and decorations, anticipating a lovely evening with your 4-year old.
  • Lose the child's interest approximately 2 minutes into the process.
  • Set up the tree.
  • Curse the tree.
  • Begin by arranging the ribbon.
  • Swear you had bought more ribbon last year.
  • Begin placing ornaments on the tree in a haphazard yet encompassing manner.
  • Get bored about 2/3rds of the way through the bin of ornaments.
  • Take a pizza break.
  • Continue to hang the decorations, now with the assistance of the 4-year old.
  • Stop caring about the placement of any and all ornaments.
  • Wonder why you have such small strands of garland.
  • Attempt to arrange the garland in some sort of arachnid-like bow.

  • Fail miserably.
  • Realize that the small garland was used to decorate the TV stand last year.
  • Stop caring.
  • Declare the tree done and Christmas season officially underway.
  • Take pictures of said tree.
  • Edit a picture for the sake of sarcasm and Pinterest.
  • Tell the internet about it.

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