Tuesday, 30 December 2014

About The Tree

Well today is December 30th and my tree has been packed away since the 28th.  I might be a humbug, but I just can't deal with that tree being up a minute longer than it has to be!  I put away some of the loosey-goosey decorations on Boxing Day and tried to wait a bit longer to take down the tree, but I didn't make it.

A lot of people make a big deal about when you put your tree up - some people think that it shouldn't go up before December 1st.  Some people have real trees and put them up a bit later.  I like to put our tree up on December 9th so that we can get Vivian's birthday out of the way first.  I always say that the question isn't when do you put your tree up, but when do you take it down.

Personally, I just like to have my living room back.  My house isn't huge - I don't have a dedicated spot for the Christmas tree.  This year was the first year I put it right in the front window.  And it was nice having it there, it looked pretty from the street, all of that bullshit.  But I had to move a bunch of Vivian's toys to make room for it, which just made everything else that much more cluttered.  I also find that as long as the tree is up, the new shit doesn't seem to get put away as quickly.  As long as the tree is there new stuff seems to just find it's way under the tree and that's deemed as being put away.  No.  I can't deal with the chaos - I need things to go back to the way they were!

Vivian didn't seem the mind the tree coming down - she's been telling everyone that Christmas is over and is wondering what comes next (Uncle Brent's birthday and Daddy's birthday are up next on our schedule) but I've let her keep the small tree in her room for the time being, mostly because it's not in my immediate line of sight when I'm busy holding the couch down.

So there you have it - I might be a scrooge, but I just can't deal with the Christmas tree for much more than three weeks.  Let me know what your tree tolerance is!

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