Monday, 10 November 2014

Treats of the Week - Remember, Remember

Even though November is generally a pretty terrible month, I have to say it hasn't been so bad so far.  We've still had some nice warm-ish days (although I think that's supposed to come to an end this week) and I haven't yet had to break out the snow shovel.  Let's keep that momentum going for as long as we can.  It's been one of those weeks where I feel like it's been really busy, but I also haven't really done anything.  It's kind of that calm before the real chaos of the holiday season starts up.


  • I went to see Interstellar on Thursday night and it's a total cliche to say this, but it's really what going to the movies is all about.  I love the movie-going experience, and while this was far from a perfect movie (ignore those plot holes!) it was an amazing movie experience.  See it in IMAX - I wouldn't mind seeing it again in IMAX, to be honest.  My friend Geoff wrote a review that's actually positive for once - you can check it out here.
  • Because we went to see an early IMAX screening (it was actually a Thursday night show before the official Friday release) we got these awesome Kevin Dart promotional posters.  I came across his tumblr and was pleasantly surprised that I recognized so much of his stuff.  Can't wait to frame it and find a spot for it!  Please note - this is a terrible, terrible picture that I took in my car.  I just didn't feel like taking another one.

  • I ended up sleeping over at my mom's on Saturday night unexpectedly.  Luckily, I was able to borrow some pajamas from her, and she automatically gave me a sleeping hoodie because that's the standard uniform.  Sleeping hoodies forever.
  • Kelloggs has a great promotion on right now - you can send away for a coupon for either a free Hasbro toy up to a $20 value, or $10 off a Hasbro toy that's $25 or more.  Perfect for this time of year!  I've already sent away for 3 - they take 2-4 weeks to arrive so I might have to grab a few more boxes of cereal this week so I can get as many as possible before Christmas!
  • There are few things that are more interesting or fun that digging through someone's old comics collection - there's no telling what gems might be there!
  • It was the 5th of November this past week, which of course means I had to have my annual viewing of V for Vendetta!

Have a week, everyone!  And be sure to wear your poppies tomorrow and make it out to a cenotaph if you're able!  Time for me to put on my sleeping hoodie!

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