Monday, 17 November 2014

Treats of the Week - Just another person obsessed with Serial

Yes, it happened.  After a couple of weeks of seeing articles and comments everywhere about this podcast called Serial I finally checked it out.  And now I'm just another person who can't stop obsessing over this podcast.  It's so engaging - I listened to the first seven episodes on Saturday.  At one point I was just sitting in my living room just listening to it.  I wasn't even multitasking - that never happens!  I listened to the eighth installment this morning and now I can barely wait for Thursday when the new episode comes out.  If you haven't listened to it yet, go do it now so you can obsess about it with me immediately.

  • I was accepted into the Emerging Leaders program at work, which isn't quite as important as it sounds, but it's a step towards another step that will hopefully lead to some bigger things down the road.  Laying that groundwork.
  • November 11th was a beautiful day - potentially the last nice day of this fall.  It was clear and warm and sunny and I was able to walk to the cenotaph with some coworkers for the service.  I'd never been to the cenotaph in London, and this year over 10,000 people showed up.  It was heartwarming to see so many people there.
  • My mom always pulls through for me - whether big or small, she always manages to fix things.
  • I've been without light in my bathroom and bedroom for the last two weeks and finally got an electrician in to fix things - hooray for not having to get dressed by the light of my cellphone anymore!
  • Oh internet.  Kim Kardashian tries to break the internet, and you give me this.  I love you, internets.

  • I am obsessed with these muesli Morning Rounds.  They are so freaking good - I just came across them at the Superstore last week, and when I went back to buy a million more they were gone!  So now I have to track them down somewhere!  
  • I went to see Whiplash on Friday and you should all go see it immediately.  The performances were stunning and that ending!  I mean, whoa.  You need to see it.
  • I also started watching Benched on the weekend - I love me some Eliza Coupe, and the legal comedy is totally up my alley!
  • My Thursday night was kind of hectic - just one of those days where I was stuck at work late, and Vivian was exhausted and whiny, and that was when the electrician was here.  I was heading back to London that evening to meet up with Jenn and was feeling frazzled and kind of wishing that I'd just stayed on my couch.  But as I pulled into the parking lot of the busy mall, I somehow managed to not only find her car (I only had a vague idea of where she had parked) but also found a parking spot right beside her.  It's silly, but I instantly had this feeling of calm come over me like, "Ah, see?  You're supposed to be here now.  You're good."
  • I had a super productive day on Saturday thanks to having an entire day and night of no Vivian and no plans.  That does not happen often, my friends.  Leading up to Saturday I had considered doing absolutely nothing but burning through my PVR for the day, but ended up spending a few hours ouside raking up all my leaves and then brought that productivity indoors to paint my office.  My muscles were not pleased with me the next day, but it was worth it to get so much done before the insanity of the holiday season starts up!

  • I came across a few links to Sacha Goldberger's new exhibition of photos of 16th century cosplayers. You have to check it out - the detail is incredible!  
  • The City of Neighbourhoods series of toques by local startup dpms is awesome!  I had never heard of them before this weekend, but I totally want one!  I'm leaning towards either Lake Huron or Forest City.  I love all of their stuff though.  And it's funny, because I've always referred to London as a city of neighbourhoods, but I didn't realize it was a real thing, I just thought it was something I said.  Obviously they must have overheard me and stole my whole idea.  Bastards.  I should get a free toque.
  • The new holiday cups from Tim Hortons are so darn cute!  

  • Speaking of so darn cute, have you ever seen a better school picture?  The answer is no, you haven't.

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Eleven's Ink said...

Omg your daughter is so grown up!!!! catching up on all your blog posts!!

PS: My Tim Hortons still has the old brown cups. The Grinch of Tim Hortons, I tell ya!!