Monday, 3 November 2014

Treats of the Week - Birthday and Halloween Treats!

It's becoming clear that I have been writing these posts for too long when people know to say, "I have treats for you!"  It all ends up on the blog!  This past week has been a busy one with my birthday on Wednesday and Halloween on Friday.  Wednesday birthdays are kind of terrible, because it never really feels like you get time to celebrate, but such is an adult birthday.

Here are the birthday treats!

  • On the day of my birthday, as soon as Vivian woke up she said, "Mommy I just want to give you a hug".  Started the day out on the right foot, for sure!
  • I've been enlightened as to the world of torrents, so I may never leave the house again.
  • I got this awesome print from Jenn for my birthday - and later found out that my brother has the same one!  He clearly gets his awesome taste from me.

  • I was introduced to Asian pears this week - it's like eating a pear and an apple at once!  
  • This was my desk on my birthday - it almost made work fun.

  • I got taken out to lunch a few times - nothing better than free food for your birthday!  Jenn and I also made it out for drinks and appys, which should be dinner every night.

  • Canadian Tire is finally moving away from the traditional paper Canadian Tire money in favour of a card system.  I'm a little torn - it will be so sad to not have paper Canadian Tire money anymore, but the it will be so nice to have it all on a card instead of keeping track of it all.  End of an era for sure!

  • I maxed out my EI contributions on my last pay, and I should be maxing out on CPP contributions soon.  That extra little bit that goes on my pay for the last couple of months of the year are what I like to refer to as "The Civil Servant's Christmas Bonus".  It's not much, but I'll take it.
  • An entire day where I didn't have to do anything - I could sleep in and just lounge around the house as much as I wanted.  Such a rare jewel.
  • Halloween was great - even though it was cold and wet and miserable.  Par for the course for a Canadian Halloween, I suppose.  Our pumpkins turned out great - Vivian loved drawing on the little ones!

  • And I ended up with quite the professionally decorated cake thanks to a certain little girl.  It was obviously healthy.

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