Tuesday, 25 November 2014

London Landmarks

So now that the office has been painted, I'm one step closer to getting the Wall O' Canadiana done.  Just need to frame a few things and it should be good to go.  As I've amassed items I've realized that I can have a Wall O' Canadiana and a Wall O' Londonana.  I love having bits of local history - and I want to start collecting Victor Aziz postcards to add to the London collection.  The other day, I was at Talize looking for some frames and came across this little sketch of the London Airport for $2.99.  I thought it would fit in just perfectly - not only was it a London landmark, but it was also in a wooden frame, which was what I was looking for.

So then imagine my surprise and delight a couple of days later when I headed over to Value Village looking for more wooden frames and came across this similar sketch of Eldon House.

Now this one is a little different - it says "From the CFPL Radio Print Collection" in the lower right corner, which is exciting because now I want to know how many are in this series since I obviously want them all.  I asked my friend Dan about them, since he's worked for the London Free Press for years, but he didn't know anything about them either.  I may have to make some trips to a couple of libraries to see if I can dig up any information about this print collection.  In the meantime though I thought I would see if any of you internet people know anything about it - have you ever seen anything similar?  Maybe your parents have some?  Or your grandparents?  If so, I'm coming over to steal them.


Janine Easton said...

Did you ever find more? I have eldon house as well as middlesex college, county court house and St. Peter's basilica. They were my mothers. I was going to list them on kijiji for $10, any interest? They all are framed in black.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I definitely am, Janine! I have the courthouse, Middlesex College, and Eldon House but not St. Peter's Basilica! I'll send you an email!


Lisa Brandt said...

Hello Ashlie, I have four of these prints - The only one I have that wasn't mentioned by Janine above is Storybook Gardens. Would you like to have it? My husband was working at CFPL when they moved to City Centre and saved these (they're framed) from the dumpster!