Wednesday, 12 November 2014

In Case of Emergency Kit

I live in Strathroy, but I'm always on the road.  Between work in London, friends in London, family and friends in Lambton Shores, I'm always driving somewhere.  Because of this, my car is basically one big purse.  It's not unusual for me to end up stuck overnight somewhere - just this past weekend I spent the night at my mom's house unexpectedly, and I have my own room on standby at Jenn's place.  I like to try to be prepared, so I've assembled a bit of an emergency kit to have in my car/in my purse for those times when I do get stuck.  I also spent a lot of time getting dressed in my car for those times when I stay in London after work.  Yes, my car might be small but I make it work!

Like I said, I was stuck at mom's on Saturday night, and was without my emergency kit.  Because of this oversight, I've made a renewed effort to keep it stocked and in my car - especially with the winter weather on its way, it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

So here's what I drag around - with the exception of a few items that I didn't think needed to be a part of the photo - I don't think anyone needs a picture of extra tampons.  However, the one item that isn't pictured but is a very important part of the kit is the spare pair of underwear.  Definitely essential!  And I actually took one picture with them included, but then thought, you know what?  I've been blogging for over five years and my underwear haven't made an appearance.  Let's keep that streak running.

  1. Bandaids - especially in the winter my knuckles split and crack, so it's always nice to have a bandaid handy.
  2. Body Spray - always good for a quick freshening up!
  3. Headphones - I just seem to have extra pairs so I tossed one in there.
  4. Cell phone charger - absolutely essential.  No one wants to be stuck with a dead cellphone.
  5. EOS Lip Balm - my absolute favourite.  I have these everywhere - one at my desk at work, one in my purse, one beside my bed, one to bring into court - they're amazing.  I love how they feel and the round shape makes it easy to find in a deep, dark purse.
  6. Advil - I'm actually really bad at carrying this with me, but I've made a renewed effort.
  7. Mini flashlight - just a little keychain light.
  8. Contacts case - I don't wear my contacts very often, but when I do I want to know that I can take them out if I need to.  I can't handle sleeping in contacts.
  9. Pens and a Sharpie - sometimes people laugh at me for carrying a Sharpie with me, but you wouldn't believe how many times it's come in handy!
  10. Lip gloss - I actually don't use this too often, but it's nice to have something more makeup-y on hand if I need it.
  11. Mouthwash - always good on the go.
  12. Deodorant - not as necessary this time of year, but very good to have on hand in the summer.
  13. Flossing sticks - again, doesn't hurt to have them on hand.
  14. Elastic - even though my hair isn't long enough for a pony tail anymore, this is still floating around.
  15. Wet wipes - I should probably just throw a full-sized wet wipes package in my car, because I use them constantly.  Always good to have in the car for Vivian (aka Nutellaface McGee) and good to have in my purse for wiping down a table in a restaurant or if you end up at a rib fest.  I use wet wipes to wash my face too, so they're absolutely necessary for an emergency kit!
  16. Travel Toothbrush - yes, that funny looking thing is a folding toothbrush and I love it.  There's nothing worse than being stuck without a toothbrush. 
  17. Hand sanitizer - those mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works are my favourite.  They're super small so you can just have them everywhere.  Plus they smell pretty.
  18. Alka Seltzer - the little travel packs of Alka Seltzer are great to have on hand for if you are coming down with a cold or just have an upset stomach.  My mom swears by Alka Seltzer for when you feel a cold coming on.
  19. Excel mints - I eat these mints constantly - I've kind of given up on gum because I just end up biting the inside of my cheeks.  
That's what I like to have on hand - tell me what you like to keep stashed in your car so I can improve my kit!

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