Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cherry Blooms

My mom got me a pretty interesting birthday present so I just had to share!  I'm not big on false eyelashes - I like the look of them, but can't be bothered to actually put them on or deal with them.  So when she got me these Cherry Blooms brush on extensions, I was skeptical.  But true to form, I'm not now obsessed.  Look how crazy - the one on the left side is with them on, and the one on the right is my plain old boring normal lashes.

P.S. - I is insanely awkward to take pictures of just your eyes.

And here's with both eyes done.

Lashes for days, son.  It's really easy - you brush on the transplanting mascara like you would with any regular mascara.  It recommends about 20 swipes, but I've done less and it still works fine.  Then you use the fibers brush while the lashes are still wet to stick them on there.  Then seal it up with more of the transplanting mascara and you're done.  I've noticed that if I don't seal them well enough or if I let the first step dry too much before adding the fibers then they kind of shed a little bit, but a quick wipe under my eyes clears that right up.  To be honest I usually make more of a mess with regular mascara, so it's no big deal.

It's not something that I will do every day, because I'm too lazy for that.  But for wanting to feel extra pretty - especially when I'm wearing contacts instead of my glasses - they are very nice to have around!

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