Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Very Vivian - Happy Halloween

These days I keep getting asked the same question - What is Vivian going to be for Halloween?  Luckily for me, Vivian decided on a costume months ago and has stuck with her original decision!  I couldn't be happier with what she decided on this year - she's going to be Coraline!

She loves the movie - even though it is a bit creepy.  Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it 40 times like we have...

Coraline is a great character for Vivian to look up to - she's tough and smart and saves herself.  She's also a super easy Halloween costume, which makes my life that much easier.

We've been taking lots of screencaps for different ideas...

Vivian is insisting that she shouldn't have button eyes, since (spoiler alert) Coraline never actually gets them in the movie.  This is basically the perfect Halloween costume, since it includes rain boots and a rain slicker!

I found this too-perfect cardigan a couple of months ago, and it's been in heavy rotation ever since.  Now we just need a blue wig and yellow jacket and we're all set!  I'm debating whether or not to get yellow boots.  I feel like I might be able to make just a yellow cover out of duct tape to go over her existing rubber boots.  We'll see how it goes.

She's going to get lots of opportunities to take it out for a spin - we'll be at the Forest City Comicon on Sunday, and I told her she would wear it for a little cosplay.  Then she can wear it to her skating lessons a few days before Halloween, and then again for her party at school and Halloween night!  She's even on the hunt for a perfect "Coraline stick" since Coraline has a dowsing rod in one scene.

God help me at Christmas though - she wants Coraline toys something fierce and they are next to impossible to find, unless I want to shell out a couple hundred bucks.  Only this kid.

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