Friday, 24 October 2014

Outfit of the Day - Knotted

This is one of those outfits that I never really could have pictured myself wearing, but here it is.  That chambray shirt I got from Target was a little bit bigger than I would have liked - which is entirely my own fault because I just grabbed it off the rack and didn't try it on.  Still adjusting to these button shirts since the surgery.  But the fact that it's just a little bit big makes it ideal for knotting.  I got the dress at Target too (uh, and the shoes.  I might have a problem.) and I'm like 80% sure it's a dress and not a nightgown.  It was on a clearance rack, so it was a little had to tell.  It's super comfy though, and the whole deal made for a good late summer/early fall kind of outfit.

The dress is cute, but just a little bit shapeless.  Knotting the top over it helps to accentuate the waist in a way that I think Stacey and Clinton would approve of.

At least, I think it works.  What say you guys?

Whole thing is from Target, top to bottom.  I need to mix it up.

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