Thursday, 23 October 2014

Cleaning Rules

I like to say that my house is often messy, but not dirty.  It's hard to keep things in order all the time with an almost-four-year-old and two stupid cats who climb all over the furniture and lose more fur than I imagined possible.  That being said, I like to keep things tidy for when company comes over, but I have certain guidelines.

Rule 1 - My house will be clean the FIRST time you come over.  If you've never been to my house before, then I will go all-out for your first visit.  Floors will be mopped, windows cleaned, things vacuumed, dusted, bathroom sparkling, the works.  You get to see my house looking nice and clean once.  After that point, all bets are off.  The point is that you saw my home as it could/should be.  Now you know that I'm capable of cleaning, even if it doesn't appear like I've done it on subsequent visits.

Rule 2 - At any one point in time EITHER my living room, bathroom, or kitchen will be clean.  I feel like as long as one of the three is clean, I'm doing okay.  Having two or three of them clean at one time is asking for a lot.

Rule 3 - If I'm expecting a guest, I will at least make a quick effort of cleaning up the bathroom.  Even just a quick wipe with a wet wipe on the counter to make things seem presentable.  But if you come to my house and the shower curtain is pulled closed then that means that my shower is gross and hasn't been cleaned.  Closing the curtain is my way of "cleaning" that.

I can't be the only one with bizarre and irrational cleaning guidelines, right?

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you Ashlie. Typically my bedroom door is shut, not only to keep my annoying dog from excitedly greeting your arrival. Its because all my clutter hot shoved in there before your arrival. My toilet will be clean and my dishes are probably hiding in my oven. - Sheri