Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Just one of those nights...

You know those times when you're trying to do a million things at once because it's getting close to bedtime and you're thinking that if you just fold the laundry and clean up the dishes now while the kid is in the tub then maybe MAYBE you'll be able to sit down on the couch before 9:00 p.m.?  So you throw the kid in the tub and step across the hall to fold laundry (yes, I leave her mildly unattended in the tub.  I'm fine with it.) and it sounds like she's having a great time and you're feeling super productive.  So then you walk into the bathroom to get her all washed up and see that there's an inch of water on the floor stretching all the way to the bathroom door.  But you can't freak out, because then she'll start to freak out.  So instead you calmly remind her that the water needs to stay in the tub and go get a bucket and mop to clean up the water.  And then while doing so, you end up knocking a picture off the wall and it smashes on the floor.  So now you're dealing with a floor covered in water AND shattered glass.  Mop, mop, mop, wipe, wipe, wipe, pick up the glass, sweep the floor.  Throw the glass and broken frame in the garbage.  Walk back to the bathroom to get the kid washed and see that the floor is again covered in water.  Apparently Fluttershy was getting pitchers of water dumped on her on the ledge of the tub.  Seems like a great game, but no.  Now the temper gets lost - I snap at the kid, she starts to melt down.  "Please just be happy!  I want Daddy!  My heart hurts because you're just not happy at me, Mommy!"  Guilt overtakes anger and frustration.  Get her out the tub and into her jammies.  Clean up the floor once again.

You know, just a usual bathtime.

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