Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Very Vivian - Ruling the School

Here we are, about a month into school for Vivian.  So far, it's gone really well!  She seems to be really enjoying the challenges of school and we have been handling the change in schedule.  She has an awesome group of teachers (two teachers that are splitting the class and an ECE) and it seems like she has made some friends in her class, so I think we're going to have a great year!

I've noticed a lot of changes since she started school - It seems like she's talking a lot more, and just everything seems very purposeful.  She really interacts and tells me things about her day, and seems to take more notice of her surroundings.  Her play has really changed too - she seems to be so much more imaginative now.  She loves playing with "sets" right now, whether it's her My Little Ponies, princesses, or other little figures, she really seems to make a whole world now.  She does little voices and carries on whole conversations.  She's also been way more into books and reading stories lately.  It was something we had always struggled with - she never wanted to sit still to read a story.  Now she will finally ask me to read to her and I'm so grateful!  She's been so eager to help with everything, and even tasks that used to be problematic like brushing her teeth goes much more smoothly.  She really has latched onto the idea of being big and wants to do more for herself to prove how big she is.

As far as the schedule goes, I think it's been harder on me than on her.  She's adjusted well to not having a nap, sometimes grabbing a quick one at daycare after school.  I feel guilty that she has to be at daycare early in the morning before school, and head back there after school but that's just the way things are.  Her sleep has still been a little uneven, but for the  most part it's been okay.  I'm just finding that I need to do everything I possibly can the night before.  I'm not a morning person, so even little things like making sure my travel mug is clean and ready to go in the morning makes a big difference.

Her lunches have been going well too - I've found a couple of things that she really seems to enjoy eating (thank god for bologna, waffles too!) and I'm super pumped that she starts getting pizza days this week.  Pizza day once a week, and a hot lunch once a month sure helps me out!  The PlanetBox has been awesome though, it definitely makes my life easier when I'm trying to figure out what to send her for lunch.

We're starting back up with some after-school activities this week, so we'll see how that changes things when we're running out the door to make it to dance/skating/swimming on time.  So far, so good though!

Here she is the other day playing with her tools to "fix" one of her toys.  I've never really seen her play with her tools before, unless she was mimicking me when I was fixing something.

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