Monday, 22 September 2014

Treats of the Week - TV is Back!

Fall TV is back and my PVR is just humming away with all the awesome new stuff to watch!  I'm typing this with one eye on Gotham (I love Edward Nigma already!) but I'll do a post with my thoughts on the new shows after I've seen enough to form proper opinions.


  • Speaking of Fall TV returning - The Mindy Project had a great premiere episode, especially the end with Diamond Dan.  I haven't been able to find a decent video of it, but I'll just leave these gifs here for your enjoyment.  I promise, I've watched them a completely normal amount of times.

  • Saturday was a beautiful day, and I was lucky enough to spend it in the most beautiful spot - Port Franks.  Nothing like sand dunes and beaches on a warm September day!
  • I have a pass for the Columbia Store for the month of September and managed to score an awesome winter coat for myself that was much needed!  Hooray for good deals!

  • After doing the Columbia thing, Jenn and I ended up with a random Friday night where we both had no plans, so obviously we had to eat Popeye's Chicken and wander around the mall.  As you do.
  • HBO aired Beyonce and Jay-Z's On The Run tour this weekend for all of us poor suckers who can't afford to see it in real life.  Hooray for watching it in your jammies!
  • My mom and I stopped at the Westland Greenhouse outside of Grand Bend on the weekend.  One of the girls who works there was bemoaning the fact that she had to make large burlap bows for floral arrangements.  Apparently this is so hard that it "makes people want to murder babies".  That was her direct quote.  Obviously she has my sense of humour.  So when she mentioned that hosting classes to teach people how to make said bows was a terrible idea because people just get too frustrated and start throwing things, I corrected her in saying they start "Throwing elbows".  She found it hilarious, and I love people finding me hilarious.
Don't watch those gifs for too long!

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